This Toronto Bar Is Fully Devoted To Gin & Tonics And You'll Definitely Need An Uber After

Get your bodies ready. Seriously.

The gin & tonic may be most closely associated with the British, but it’s actually become quite popular among the Spanish... So much so that the classic drink has now become considered as the national drink of Spain!

In Toronto, one chef took inspiration from the gin & tonic bars in Madrid and created a unique bar concept for his own establishment. David Lee, the chef and owner of Nota Bene, introduced a “G & T Program” a few years ago to demonstrate to Torontonians that there’s so much more to the gin & tonic than just bitter notes and garnishes.

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The restaurant’s in-house bar offers gins from several countries, including Canada, England, France, The Netherlands and Scotland. The provided menu gives detailed descriptions of each type of gin and their flavour profiles so you can make an informed decision. Once you’ve chosen your preferred gin, you’re given a variety of other options to customize your drink to your liking.

You can choose from different types of ice (cubed, crushed or large), as well as from a selection of different garnishes like cucumber, hibiscus and lemongrass. The type of ice is important because it will determine how diluted your drink will be, which in turn affects how strong it will be. The garnishes are also important because they add distinct notes and aftertastes to your drink at varying intensities.

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All of these are important considerations when mixing your drink, and Nota Bene gives you the freedom to experiment. An entire gin & tonic “kit” is on the pricer side (it goes for about $17) but it’s worth experiencing especially if you’re a gin & tonic aficionado. It comes with two ounces of gin, the three garnishes and a glass to do all your mixing in.

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