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This Toronto Instagram Baker Makes Insane Desserts Using 24-Karat Gold And We're Totally Obsessed

She doesn't have a store but she's killing it on IG.

Jyoti Nanra might not be a name you recognize and her business The Purple Cupcake is definitely not a store you've visited. Why? Because like any forward thinking millennial, she's leveraging social media to run her hugely successful Toronto-based confectionery business online. While she does have the means to open up her very own storefront, she says that it's not something you'll see from her anytime soon. Having seen huge success with her current model of operating on Instagram she's making a huge jump to expand her business internationally. 

Her page, @thepurplecupcake_ currently has 135k followers and is filled with images of baked goods that will make your eyes pop and your mouth water. Almost too beautiful to eat, her work definitely lives up the the premium and exclusive brand she has cultivated since she started doing it full-time in 2015. 

@thepurplecupcake_embedded via

@thepurplecupcake_embedded via

When it comes to an ingredient you can see on most all her desserts, the shiny and reflective 24-Karat Gold leaves are a staple. When asked about it, Nanra acknowledges that it's a signature of her work, along with other premium ingredients like edible flowers as well as viral and trendy foods/ designs. 

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If you're wondering how you can get your hands on Jyoti's goods, she's actually made it really simple. You just email her. How it works is that you send her a general inquiry about your date, items being requested and requirements, she'll send you a price list for what you're looking for - if she isn't already booked up that is. Everything's made to order in her commercial kitchen in Vaughan ensuring that the taste and quality is all there. 

When it comes to pricing, she does have a $150 minimum on all orders and says that prices are based on ingredients used . Meaning if you want a cake wrapped in all gold, you'll definitely be shelling out for it. 

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While she's only taking limited orders for 2018 while she works on expanding her business, one tip she offered those dying for her goodies was to to reach her at least 2 weeks before your event. She said that she might be able to squeeze in last minute orders better than those booked 6 month in advance (excluding large projects like wedding cake orders of course). And with treats that look that good, you can bet that her inbox stays pretty full. 

@thepurplecupcake_embedded via

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