This Toronto Restaurant Serves Pizzas With Mini Foods As Toppings And They're Incredible

Foodception at its finest.

In this day and age, non-traditional pizzas are all the new thing. In Toronto, one restaurant is taking the game to a whole other level with its 'foodception' pizza creations.

Lamanna's Bakery is a hidden gem in Toronto's east end that tops its pizzas with miniature foods. The family-run restaurant has actually been around for almost a decade now, but it still continues to push the boundaries of pizza inventiveness today.

When it comes to toppings, nothing is too outrageous at Lamanna's. You thought pineapple on pizza was weird?  Take a look at some of their mind-blowing creations below:

Mini Pizzas on a Pizza

via @lamannabakery

Burger Sliders Pizza

via @lamannabakery

Veal Buns Pizza

via @lamannabakery

Lasagna Pizza

via @lamannabakery

Grilled Cheeses Pizza

via @lamannabakery

Nacho Pizza

via @lamannabakery

Poutine Pizza

via @lamannabakery

Egg and Bacon Pizza

via @lamannabakery

Spaghetti and Meatballs Pizza

via @lamannabakery

Rigatoni Pizza

via @tastethesix

Aside from the non-traditional pizzas, Lamanna's Bakery also serves a variety of quintessential Italian delicacies, including deli sandwiches, pastas, cappuccinos, arancinis and a variety of pastries. All in all, Lamanna's Bakery is the perfect place to get a proper mix of old and new Italian foods.

Visit Lamanna's Bakery at: 6758 Kingston Rd | Website

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