Summer days are unfortunately almost coming to an end. Patios, pools and beach days are nearly over and it's time to get prepared for the cold weather.

But don't worry fellow Torontonians ! There are still a couple of weeks left to check out some awesome bars before the hot season says goodbye. Gather a group of friend together or hit up once of these 9 Toronto bars before summer sixteen ends:

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1. The Addisons Residence // 456 Wellington St.W

The doors at The Addisons are open all year around and they throw awesome parties every weekend. But their backyard, is truly one of a kind in Toronto and without doubt is the best new patio in Toronto. Play life size Jenga, enjoy delicious BBQ food, refreshing cocktails and make the most of your summer.

2. LAVELLE // 627 King St W.

Chez Lavelle is the most recent lounge, restaurant and pool bar that has come to Toronto. The venue will be open for the rest of the 3 seasons of the year, but you should spend a day enjoying the last days of summer on Toronto's hottest rooftop pool patio.

3. Thompson Rooftop // 550 Wellington St W

The Thompson outdoor rooftop is a summer classic. Dip into their infinity pool, delight in the 360 degree view of Toronto or stop by for a couple of cocktails during the evening. Just keep in mind, the venue is not open to the public so you only have so much time to find a friend that is a member!

4. Muzik Beach // 15 Saskatchewan Rd.

Situated away from the nightclub district, Muzik has plenty of space on their patio to lounge on and a pool to swim in. Whether you're interested in booking cabana or spending a day having a couple of drinks with your friends, if you haven't checked out Muzik you should pay a visit before the sunny days are over.

Photo cred - @foodjunkiechronicles 

5. Gusto 101 // 101 Portland St.

This fabulous Italian restaurant serves tasty food, but it's also a popular neighbourhood bar. Their rooftop patio is super vibrant and will guarantee you a 5 star experience. Did you they an  ounce of wine will cost you a dollar? Sounds like a sweet summer deal to me!

6. The Drake Sky Yard // 1150 Queen St W.

The Drake Hotel has it's very own rooftop yard. The venue, it's environment and the people who go there is an ideal example of the quintessential Toronto bar scene.

7. Reposado Tequila Bar // 136 Ossington Ave.

In order to complete your summer sixteen, you must have a tequila night. What is a better place to do it than Reposado?  With their extensive list of premium tequilas, you're guaranteed to have an unforgettable night (depends how much you drink though...)

8. The Porch // 250 Adelaide St W.

During the day The Porch is a super casual spot to hang out and cheer on the Toronto sport teams! At night, the bar comes alive as if there's a huge street party happening on a rooftop. If you haven't gone to The Porch at least once this summer, it's time to check out!

9. The Rhino // 1249 Queen St W.

The massive patio and an abundance of beers, are only 2 reasons why The Rhino is a place to go this summer. The sunny oasis sits over 72 people and is located in Toronto's hippest neighbourhood, Queen West.

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