Just because summer is coming to an end doesn't mean that it's time to call it quits on healthy eating. While winter may allow us to enjoy a little more coverage in our wardrobes, health is about making your body feel good and eating should be considered fuel so it can be that way. 

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Now, a new restaurant full of healthy foods is coming to Toronto after being adored up in Ottawa, our nation's capital.  Mad Radish is opening up their first location in the city on Yonge Street this October in the Eglinton neighbourhood! 

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Mad Radish is the ultimate spot to eat if you're a busy person who wants something healthy but delicious.

Another great bonus for broke millennials? The food isn't also insanely expensive, with options like salads, smoothies, while also offering seasonal bowls, soups and stews, all ranging from $4 to $14. They also serve dessert, so you can indulge your sweet tooth! 

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Another major part of what makes Mad Radish an amazing restaurant is their understanding of their customers. While some like to come in to sit down and enjoy a meal, others just want to get their delivery and go. Luckily for their customers, Mad Radish has an app for both Apple and Android users so you can order ahead and pick up without speaking to anyone or you can come and visit in store. 

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They also serve all takeout in 100% compostable containers, so your takeout habit doesn't have to wreak havoc on the environment. 

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The company is founded by David Segal, the same Canadian genius behind the iconic tea brand, DAVIDsTEA. His goal is to bring healthy food to busy Canadians who are overloaded with unhealthy options. 

Segal also ensured that Mad Radish partnered up with Community Food Centres Canada, a company that provides one serving of fresh vegetables to local people in need every time a customer orders on their app. 

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It's easy to see why so many Canadians in Ottawa are loving this food spot and we're excited to try it when Mad Radish open's their doors this October. 

You can visit their location at 2293 Yonge Street this fall for some delicious and nutritious eats that will surely hit the spot. 

Source: Retail Insider 

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