I recently moved to Toronto, and I have yet to meet any other French Canadian people since I arrived. Since I am living totally francophone-free, I have noticed there is a huge difference between Ontario and Quebec girls.  

I really believe that our distinct culture in Quebec makes us really outgoing and personable. We are usually happy-go-lucky people, who just enjoy being in the moment.

So here's why I think all guys should date a French Canadian girl at least once, and I’m pretty sure that every Torontonian who’s lucky enough to have a Québécoise in his life will approve of this. ?

1. You'll be able to go to The Everleigh on Friday nights with your boys without having to deal with her attitude.

Since she's already at Wildflower with ses chums de filles.

2. You want to drink a beer in the middle the afternoon?

No stress, she's probably already drinking a glass of Chardonnay.

3. You will be able to understand the delicious menu at La Société with her help.

Betterave au chèvre et noix = Beets with goat cheese and nuts.

4. You will be the only couple in Ontario watching the French Canadian shows on Netflix.

Because Unité 9 is way better than Orange Is The New Black.

5. You will be not dating a "fuckgirl".

They might run this city, but definitely not Quebec.

6. She can give you french lessons, better than Maripier Morin on her YouTube channel.

(And she follows Martine Forget from Hockey Wives as well.)

7. You'll be lucky enough to discover all the best secret food spots in Montreal.

Have you ever had a salmon tartare sandwich? Exactly.

8. You will be able to watch Leafs games with your friends.

Because she will be cheering the Montreal Canadians at Kilgours Bar on Bloor Street.

9. You will not be hibernating this winter, since she's not scared of a snow storm.

And there is a lot of fun things to do this season in Toronto!

Photo cred - juliamateian

10. You will get good style lessons.

Since les Québécoises are the masters of European trends.

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