In honour of Queen Bey visiting the best city in the true north, it's only natural that we celebrate the best ways to be the ultimate single lady in Toronto.  Let's get one thing clear though, this isn't just some cynical rant trashing couples; if you're in one you do you. If you're not though? It is summer 6ixteen, time to pull a Drake a YOLO. You're too good to spend the summer inside listening to sad taylor swift songs.  This summer you won't have to worry about your S.O.'s schedule, what their doing, who they're with- I'm annoying myself just thinking about it. But sometimes when all you see is picture perfect Insta couples it get's hard, but we know it's not gonna stop us from living it up and it's not going to stop all our bad ass Torontonian's either.

1. Hit Up Brunch With Your Bff's

Toronto is a city obsessed with brunch, so obviously it's gonna be a hot spot for all those post patio nights. Best part about going single? You can have a uncensored gossip session about all the shit you did (even if you don't remember doing it) the night before without worrying about if it offended your significant other.

2. Step Up Your Instagram Game

We all have that one friend who only Instagrams them and their S.O. We totally get it, your in love and all that but what about you? Check out some of these places to take some sick Instagram photos and who knows, maybe you'll find out something new about yourself instead of trying to think of yet another couple caption. Bonus? You can like whoever's Instagrams you want without the tedious questioning, "WTF you liked whose photo?!". Double tap away my friend.

3. Treat Yourself Like Kanye Would Treat Himself

AKA it's time to pamper yourself. Forget couple massages, find your OWN zen at one of these luxurious spas. (It's called "me" time for a reason).

4. Dating App fun Minus The Obvious Roadblock Of Your Beau

Everyone, and I mean those in and out of relationships, goes on Tinder. Okay, there may be some people actually on it for #soulmates but let's be honest, it's mainly for the mini power rush you get being able to fling prospects to the left and right. Being single gives you the freedom to be adventurous and not worry about what your S.O. would think if you responded to the ever charming, "I think I just got lost in your eyes", pick up line. Check out these other absurd dating apps and get yourself a power rush.

5. Go On The Adventure You ACTUALLY Want To Go On

This isn't about being selfish. It's about trying the things you maybe never even knew you wanted to do because you don't have to think about pleasing anyone other than your fabulous self. Start at these beautiful spots and see where the winds blowing. (Spoiler it's blowing your luscious hair back as you strut past your haters.)


Let your freak thang fly (yes we went there) at one of the MANY festivals this summer without worrying about the morning after stories that someone may get upset about. Digital Dreams, Veld, Ever After, Wayhome, Boots and Hearts; the list is never ending like the experiences you'll have slaying it solo. You went on half the audience's shoulders? You danced around like an idiot with your squad? You may or may not have ended the night at an internationally famous DJ's house? YES YOU DID AND YOU KILLED IT.

7. Release You Inner Bartender

Forget the hot bankers and supermodels at the club, bartenders are the one's with the real control over the crowd. Why not become the resident barista for your squad with these recipes so you can go on kicking ass and breaking hearts? It's all about the new things you can do this summer, but just one request; shaken not stirred please.

8. Realize How Dope You Actually Are With Some Me Time

If you would laugh if I asked when the last time you took time for yourself was, these spots are definitely for you. Everyone could use some time to their selves, to recharge from your fabulous live, think about everything and anything you want too (or nothing), or try out new things to find out what you really like to do. It's all about you - woah, when was the last time that actually happened?

9. Shamelessly Practice your Pick Up Lines

Have some fun releasing your inner Joey Tribbiani with a couple "how you doin'?". You don't even have to worry about the success rate because you know it's all about the game.

10. Beach Day Everyday

Because recreating Katy Perry's California Girls takes more than 2 people. Forget romantic walks along the beach and turn up with your favourite crew on one of the many beaches Toronto has to offer. (Cabana counts as a beach right?)

11. Go To Any of the Seriously Underrated Museums and Galleries in Toronto

AGO, Richmond 401, ROM, Bata Shoe Museum; the options are literally endless. The bonus going sans bae? Take as much time as you want at every exhibition and skip the ones you don't want to hit. Take it to the next level and party at these places with your crew with AGO's first Thursdays or the ROM's Friday Night Live. 

So get your ego higher than the CN tower and take in the views, because this summer is all about you.

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