We're all looking for love. There, I've addressed the elephant in the room that everybody kind of knows but is too shy to address. Despite all the attempts of acting like you're too good for it, we're all biologically programmed to crave connection and love from other people who are.. well not your mom. And you know what, it's totally not insane to see what and who is out there.

But for those of you who aren't down to be a contestant on The Bachelor (/ette), the prospect of online dating seems pretty convenient for both inter and extroverts alike. To name a few benefits you don't have to sit around waiting for fate to bring in your prince charming at a coffee shop, if you're shy you can sit a little more comfortably knowing that you can test the waters via cyberspace before committing to full human contact, and it skips the process of having to awkwardly ask if the cutie you have your eye on is even available because why else would they even be on this site?

Yup, online dating has its perks and tons of people have found love (...and other things) through dating apps like Tindr, Bumble, OkCupid and so many other sites. With this new generation of modernization, it's definitely a lot more convenient and trendy. But here's the thing, sometimes you question why you even bothered starting a profile in the first place when you match with someone and right away you get a message bluntly asking if "u dtf, or nah?".

The world of love via online dating has its benefits and downfalls, and in a city like Toronto, sometimes online dating can be extra difficult. Here are just a few struggles most Torontonians have probably experienced when it comes to love online.

Running into a profile of an especially cute individual only to realize that the photo was taken 3+ years ago.

And you can clearly tell because the photo was taken at Nathan Philips Square before the Toronto billboard was even a thing.

When you spend a few weeks exchanging surface scratching conversations with someone who ends up ghosting on you.

Like, why did I even bother?

Group photos taken at the CN Tower.

Or just any group photo at any mainstream Toronto landmark. Why? 99% of the time the cute guy in the group pic you hope is the owner to this profile isn't and then disappointment hits you like a wrecking ball.

Matching with someone who lives in the GTA making it a mission to ever meet.

Some might do anything for love, but this long distance relationship across the entire city isn't going to work.

And when you do match with someone and decide to meet, you insist on meeting somewhere insanely busy to avoid being the next murder victim on CP24.

"Twenty something year old victim murdered and chopped into pieces in Graffiti Alley. Stay tuned for more details"

Or when you do meet up, you've talked about everything there is to talk about on the chat so it's incredibly awkward.

So then you're forced to bring up everything already mentioned on the chat so you have something to talk about for the entire duration of the date.

"You down to fvck, or nah?"

How 'bout attempting to treat me like a human and saying first instead of diving right into it like a sex crazed asshole...or nah?

The unwanted dick pic.

Things were going soooo well until you brought up a picture of your veiny penis that I did not very well appreciate.

When you match with someone who you have a mutual friend with... and it's your ex.

It's a small world after all... and right now that fvcking sucks.

Swiping left for what seems like years and accidentally swiping left on someone you actually thought was cute.


You've definitely matched with a few of these Toronto Tinder nightmares.

And you're sick of it. Trust me, I get it.

When a Tinder date goes awfully wrong and you inevitably bump into them at the Eaton Centre.

It's one of the busiest shopping centres in Toronto and of all places you just have to bump into that guy from Tinder who ghosted on you right after your date a few weeks ago. Crapppp.

He's really cute but refuses to leave the vicinity of Yonge/Dundas.

He's probably from the GTA and doesn't realize that the city stretches past the AMC building and the Eaton Centre.

Having to avoid certain neighbourhoods, TTC routes and areas after a scarring Tinder date.

Officially steering clear of the Annex, remembering never to take the 511 streetcar and avoiding El Furny's at all costs. It's that serious.

Running into a bunch of people who went to your high school/ work with you and accidentally matching.

And then personally bumping into them as you try not to bring up the awkward elephant in the room.

Turning your brightness all the way down when swiping on the TTC.

You never know when your match could possibly be behind you.

Having to answer to the question, "how did you guys meet?".

For some reason, admitting that your relationship started off on a dating app like Tinder seems to come off as desperate and second rate. Just remember that at one point, admitting that you met your guy at a bar was once taboo and that there's nothing to be ashamed about.

What connects the idea of finding love in person or via online mediums is that we all just want to be with somebody and be match with someone who'll fulfill our desire to love and be loved.

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