21 Amazing Toronto Dates For Any Budget

If you've got a $20 you can do it, honey.

$25 Dates 

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1. Scope the city from The Roof at the Park Hyatt // $25

While a room at the Hyatt will surely set you back more than $25, access to its rooftop bar is totally free. They serve complimentary nuts and will give you a blanket if you ask. Cuddle up and enjoy the city, cocktails and company.

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2. Make a meal from grocery shopping at the St. Lawrence Market // $25

The market itself is an attraction on its own, with all the different vendours and foods to sift through. Set at $25 budget and go on a mission to make the best meal possible. Try to stick to more seasonal foods to keep you on target. 

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3. Cool down with cones from Ed's Real Scoop // $15 

Swing by one of Ed's 4 Toronto locations for some truly delish and reasonably priced cones. Two cones with all the fixings shouldn't set you back more than $15.

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4. Grab some $5 favs at El Furniture // $25 

Forever the favourite for thrifty boys n girls, El Furn has your $5 foods on lock. Throw in a couple drinks for a cheap n'chill date night.  

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5. Catch a local show at the The Horseshoe // FREE - $25 

One of the most iconic spots in the city offers free cover on Tuesdays, with shows ranging from $8, $10 and $15. Go to a cheap night, mix in some beers and you're good to go. 

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6. Laugh your asses off with Second City // $20

Second City offers $5 shows for students, which is super dope. Tickets and drinks shouldn't set you back more than $20. 

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7. Take your relationship to new heights with Skyzone // $25 

Jump right into it. This is fun and active way to have fun with your boo for not a lotta cash!

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