Okay... So, before you read any further, I should probably tell you that a more accurate title for this article would be Signs You're Being Creepy AF. Because that's pretty much the angle I'm going for here. Surely, we've all come across a stranger in our lives that we were so attracted to at first glance we immediately started planning the wedding in our heads. Often times, when we really like someone, we get so carried away with our feelings that we start thinking up favourable scenarios without realizing they're actually a bit creepy or delusional.  Understandably so, this is a practice that most of us find ourselves engaging in when we come across a really cool person after having suffered through a slew of bad dates.

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 If you think about it, the things that a guy does to show that he's into you can also be things he does to hint that he sees you as just a friend. What girls are left with is a bit of a grey area that can be rather difficult to navigate through. So really, you can kind of blame your creepy thoughts and actions on the fact that guys are so hard to read. I'm going to attempt to clear some of this confusion and give you a guy's perspective on the 8 most common rationales girls come up with that often cause them to get carried away with thinking that a guy is interested (when he fact, he may not be).


1. He listens. Like actually listens.

I get it; a lot of guys nowadays just don't pay attention. But just because one actually does, doesn't really mean he's into you.


2. He sends 'Good Morning' texts.

Maybe he genuinely just wanted to wish you a 'Good Morning'. Don't forget that some guys are oblivious to how powerful a 'Good Morning' text can be...


3. He uses emojis when he texts.

Girls tend to interpret emojis differently than guys do. Like mad differently. In most cases, guys don't look into emoji meanings as deeply as girls do.


4. He gets playful with you.

Contrary to popular belief, gentle pushes, shoves and even tickling are things friends engage in too.


5. He opens the door for you.

#2: "It's a nice gesture, but some women might misunderstand your intentions."


6. He introduced you to some of his family or friends.

But he never fails to leave out the word "girlfriend" in his introductions.


7. He looks at you differently than other girls.

Or maybe you just have something on your face, though.


8. He's just playing hard to get.

More like he's playing "not to get".

If we learned anything from these clips, it's that we need to stop assuming. Be straightforward. Just go and talk to each other about it! Just like this:


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