Wish I could say love is around every corner in Toronto but it really, sadly, is not. It's fking HARD to find a connection sometimes in a city this big, bustling and crazy. Sorting through all your right swipes, bar hookups and old flings can be exhausting and make you want to throw in the dating towel.

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But fear not! There is some substantial evidence that points to love and like and romance is alive & well in the 4-1-6. Here are 9 real love/like/romantic tales straight from the city. 

1. You CAN find love in this club

"It was actually a complete and total accident. I had seen Tyler* around on Instagram and always thought he was cute. I knew he promoted at this Wayward, so I dolled up and came through one night. I 'bumped into him' and asked about an invite to an event he was throwing. Not so subtle, but we're happy and have been together for 6 months!" 

2. Karaoke King 

"I was disgustingly drunk doing karaoke in Koreatown. Don't ask me what I was singing but it was probably something ridiculous like Outkast or Smashmouth. But Catie* gave me a standing ovation, so obviously I bought her a beer & now I've been buying hers ever since" 

3. Rock n'roll baby 

"I stumbled into The Horseshoe one night in all honesty just for an A&W burger but ended up spotting Tenn* on stage. He was singing and I remember he was wearing this bright Hawaiian shirt that I was instantly obsessed with. I brought a water over to him between songs and told him he could grab me a drink after. Ballsy, but it worked." 

4. Art s-homies

"I used to see this girl about a year ago v briefly but we had a falling out with school and life or whatever. We kind of kept in touch but I hadn't seen her in legit months. I was going to this art show my friend was throwing and she happened to have a couple friends in the show too. We run in completely different circles so it was nuts to see her there. We were both stoked to see each other so I actually just asked her if she wanted to try thing again and she said yes. I'm a happy dude."

5. Swiper no swiping

"I was freshly 19 & just ordered a round for my friends at The Maddy. My parents decided 19 was also a good age for my first credit card so I was super stoked to use it. I went to use the card and it 1. hadn't been activated yet and 2. I had 0 cash. Matt* was at the bar next to me and literally covered the whole thing. Angel."

6. Porch-swings

"It was my first summer working at The Porch and a dude I was literally obsessed in high school walked in with a bunch of his co-workers. He was 3 years older than me so when I served them, I did not think he would remember/notice me really but he wrote his name and number at the bottom of the bill. We laugh about it now, but he really didn't recognize me at all! 

 7. Booth-napped

"I got this amazing table at El Rey in the corner for me and my girlfriends. I was early, put my purse down to go pee, and when I came back this DUDE was sitting at my table with all of his friends. He literally moved my purse so that they could all sit down. I confronted him and he was unfortunately terribly charming. We all ended up sitting down together and went out a handful of times after that." 

8. Give Me Liberty!! 

"I actually matched with Casey* on Tinder a really long time ago when I was away at school. We bumped into each other at a cafe in Liberty Village at complete random. She just started down the street and I grabbed a position not far from her at all. We have a lunch date next week lmao."

9. Baerista

"Doesn't everyone have a huge ass crush on their barista? Anyways, that was me and Brynn*. She worked at this cafe close to my office on Front. She was  beautiful and very funny and sweet so basically I was getting coffees too regularly for a normal human being. After maybe the millionth espresso, I asked her out very casually and thank GOD she said yes. I really built up a caffeine dependancy so that would have been rough."

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