While I am definitely no Tinderella, I'd like to think that my week-long Tinder experiment makes me a well-seasoned tinder-er (?) Enough so that I can voice my opinion on the 7 types of guys that kept popping up while I was swiping through the male population of Toronto. 

Before anybody roasts me, keep in mind that my stint with Tinder wasn't very long so maybe my experience was different than yours, but it became apparent that there were definitely certain types of guys who kept popping up. So whether you just started on Tinder or have been swiping for months, you've probably seen these guys pop up before! 

1. The guy who has a photo with a fish while wearing Oakley sunglasses. 

I'm going to go out on a limb here and represent the entire female population when I say I don't think any girl has seen a photo of a guy holding a fish he just caught and gone "damn.

2. The guy from Australia.

I cannot be the only person who kept getting Australians during my Tinder experience?! Why are so many of them in Toronto??? Why are they all so tall?? Why do they all feel the need to list their heights in their bios?? 

3. The guy whose photos consist exclusively of his abs (???) 

I don't think anything makes me more uncomfortable than gym photos. Don't get me wrong, it's great that you go to the gym, seriously, go you! But that doesn't mean that swiping through your profile photos should feel like I'm flipping through powerpoint slides from a presentation exclusively dedicated to your "gains."

4. The "photographer." 

I hated these guys and it has everything to do with the fact that they would have these crazy candids of themselves on all these crazy buildings downtown and when I'd ask how they did it they'd change the subject or claim they couldn't "expose the lifestyle." 

5. The guy with way too many selfies on his profile. 

I do not trust guys who take selfies, it sounds ridiculous but I am a firm believer that guys who boast way too many selfies on any kind of social media profile are borderline psychopaths, I'm still waiting for this theory to be talked about on Mindhunter. Until then, swipe left and thank me later. 

6. The guy with way too many photos of his dogs. 

Ok, hear me out. The guys who have way too many pictures of their dogs on Tinder either a) don't actually own the dog or b) don't want to talk about the dog at all. They literally catfish  dogfish you into thinking your conversation is going to be about puppies and instead send the creepiest messages. 

7. The guy who's profile solely consists of him with other girls. 

I mean, if you've got it you don't typically have to flaunt it but that's none of my business apart from that, I don't understand this tactic? You are on an app, trying to get girls, and think that posting photos with other girls, is going to get you girls? 

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