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Spring is finally here (... tell that to Mother Nature) which means it's time to finally emerge from your winter slumber/hibernation. And what is a better way to celebrate the nice weather finally arriving than a little "treat yo'self" quick weekend vacay to la belle province!

Seriously, Montreal is basically Canada's version of Europe and it's so easy to get to. What's even better is there are a huge amount of events that are planned in Montreal for this spring that you can check out. Specifically, Montreal Digital Spring, which has already started, has a lot planned for the next couple months!

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Basically, Montreal Digital Spring is this awesome celebration of digital creativity in Montreal through some really cool, city-wide events and art installations.

This is the 5th year it's running and this years activities include: screenings and public installations, interactive spaces, visual performances, electronic music, immersion activities, 3D productions, gaming and virtual reality, studio tours... and so much more! In fact, there are tons of really fun and unique things to discover this spring in Montreal, all thanks to the Montreal Digital Spring!

Cité Mémoire 

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One of the largest projection circuits, Cité Mémoire projects notable moments from Montreal's history all throughout Old Montreal, the Old Port and at the Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth hotel - making for some seriously interesting walks! Created by Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon, in collaboration with Michel Marc Bouchard, you can listen to the accompanying soundtrack on the free app. 

aurōrae / Continuum

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Love planets? Of course you do! To celebrate its 5th anniversary, the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium is presenting a double feature of two of its most loved immersive multimedia shows, as part of the Montreal Digital Spring. "Continuum" and "Aurōrae" will be playing throughout April 30 - June 21.

Piknic Électronik

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Piknic Electronik is every Montrealer's go-to spring event. Amazing music, amazing weather and chilled out vibes make for one of the most epic events of the year. An outdoor electronic festival minutes from Montreal's downtown that happens EVERY Sunday? Yes please. 

Aura Basilica

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A beautiful combo of lights, orchestral music and grandiose architecture creates an immersive and completely unique experience in one of Montreal's most famous landmarks. The way they transform this space is INSANE!! Now this is an event you definitely would not be able to see in Toronto. 

In The Head

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Immerse yourself in rich sensory and creative worlds through the Dans la tête (Ed. In The Head) experience. This creative and out-of-the-box event challenges participants to work with different multimedia platforms to create their on sensory worlds. You get to participate in workshops, explore your creative side AND be totally inspired by the wild alternate worlds that will surround you. Sign me up

IX Symposium 2018

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This year marks the 5th edition of the IX Symposium on immersive experience, and it focuses on engaging in the "conquest of reality." The IX Symposium is hosted by Montreal's Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) and includes conferences, panels, workshops, demos and artist talks - all while premiering groundbreaking art in the SAT's Stratosphere, AKA a huge, state of the art indoor dome!  


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Creatures will be held in the Satosphere, and is put on by Vincent Houzé and Dave & Gabe. "Creatures" is an interactive performance that explore the diversity of life on earth. It's a beautiful ode to planet earth. It's eerie and so weird but in such a cool way - honestly you don't want to miss this!

Digital Cabaret 

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YASSSS! For this event, musicians and artist will be integrating different digital sounds into their music/art to create a completely other worldly and unique experience. This is the perfect thing to check out if you're into multi-sensory and out-of-body experiences. See what happens when music, art and technology come together!! 

DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition 

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OMG! Who else is a Shrek, Madagaskar, Po from Kung Fu Panda AND Eep from The Croods fan? If so, you NEED to go check out some of the amazing animations and behind the scenes looks at these iconic Disney movies. Sketches, illustrations and legendary sets form these films (and many more) will be displayed for you to check out

For anyone who has watched these movies and thought about how they are made - this is the event for you. You'll be super nostalgic and definitely learn something new!

21 Swings

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Take a seat, swing on one of the 21 Swings, and reclaim that childlike feeling of flying through the air! Each swing makes a different, beautiful sound so when many people are swinging this art installation comes to life and literally becomes and interactive live music show!

If anything, do it for the 'gram! These swings look so cool and are really fun. Plus, when do you get to be part of a symphony/piece of music?

Jardins Gamelin 

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This is an iconic part of Montreal's downtown and definitely worth checking out. This year, it features a brand new hanging art installation that'll be unveiled later this month.

Janet Echelman is the creator of these stunning hanging pieces of art. Grab a bottle of wine, some bread and cheese, and your favourite picnic blanket and have a romantic picnic while appreciating this awe-worthy art installation. This is something you need to see to believe!


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Grab bae and hop on this immersive cruise that will take you around Montreal and its surrounding islands. You'll get to see some of the amazing architecture in the city and discover the sights of Montreal through an immersive experience.

This is such a unique way to see the city that you really can't do anywhere else. Not only do you learn a lot of cool facts about the city but you really get to appreciate the importance of some of the iconic buildings in the city.

Basically, you do NOT want to miss out on these 12 incredible events. Art, (arguably) Canada's most beautiful city, and a warm spring breeze make for one the best weekend getaways of the year. There truly is something for everybody here and the events are totally unique so you know you won't see anything like this in Toronto - so go ahead and get your tickets NOW!

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Digital Spring has something for everyone and it honestly is the exact excuse you need to treat yourself to a trip to Montreal. See a full listing of the events here!

Plus, check out Digital Spring's FacebookTwitter, Instagram or Youtube pages to see all the cool videos and photos from past and ongoing events!

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