Toronto is the city that never sleeps, but at the end of the day, we all still need to catch some Z's to keep us going.

Because sleep is the secret to success in this city, whether you're a student on the grind, or a Bay St boss, or a local hero in Kensington. No matter who you are, the desire for a good night's sleep is something that all of us Torontonians share in common.

So then, what's the key to an amazing and comfortable sleep? You know, the kind of sleep where you feel so amazing that you can get up even before your alarm goes off? It's simple: a good mattress. The only problem is, finding the right kind of mattress can be really expensive. Some companies sell their mattresses for a fortune… like, I’m sorry is this mattress made of gold?

Luckily, there’s Endy.

The Endy mattress is a ridiculously comfortable mattress with memory foam (holla) that stays the same firmness through all seasons - and it’s super affordable too.

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The cool thing about Endy is that it’s made in Canada and designed specifically for how Canadians sleep. The mattress features a micro-quilt top and no-motion transfer, which means that if your annoying significant other is known for tossing and turning during the night, you won’t feel a thing. Speaking of being made in Canada, it's actually assembled in Toronto. So why not shop local and show your Canadian pride? 

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Endy also offers a 100-Night Trial if you’re feeling a little skeptical. So if you don’t absolutely love your new mattress, Endy will pick it up FOR YOU and give you a full refund. Can you believe that?

via @endysleep

Getting your hands on the Endy mattress is super easy too. All you gotta do is order online (free shipping BTW) and it’s shipped right to your door in a small box. No measuring your door to see if the mattress will fit…I’ve been there. It didn’t fit. It sucked.

And if you happen to be in Toronto, you can visit their showroom too and experience the Endy mattress.

via @endysleep

Basically, the Endy mattress is sleep goals and every Canadian should try it out for themselves! You have absolutely nothing to lose!

Check out the Endy website online, place your order, sit back and relax while the bed of your dreams is delivered right to your door. You can also visit them on Instagram or Facebook to learn more.

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