This winter isn't going anywhere fast. We've all made it this far, so well done us, but looking ahead to a couple more months of this, I wouldn't blame you if you feel like you need a helping hand to get you through. I feel like by now, the majority of Canadians can deal with the cold, we've got that locked down, it's the darkness that gets to us. It's dark when we wake up, dark when we head to school or work, and when we head home again? You guessed it.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, though, both figuratively and literally. By introducing more light into your life and doing it in style, of course, you'll find it can have an incredible transformative power not only in your home itself but also on your general mood and outlook on life. With just a couple of well-placed lamps, LED strips, or track lighting, you can instantly transform your living space and the way you feel in it.

Multi Luminaire is a proudly Canadian lighting store, with locations throughout Quebec and an e-commerce store which offers Canada-wide delivery. With over 50,000 different products available, from traditional lighting to more modern, cutting edge stuff, they've got every possible lighting need you might have covered. Plus, with the expertise of their lighting consultants, whatever ideas you may have for your home, these guys can talk through all the practicalities and make it happen!

Just one or two changes to the way you light up a space can breathe new life into it. Here are a couple of bright ideas for some spaces in the home to transform the way you use them for good:

The Bedroom

For many, the bedroom is their kingdom. We all spend a huge chunk of our lives there - whether we're sleeping or something else (I'm of course referring to watching Netflix) so it makes sense that you should give it time and attention, to get the lighting on point.

Your bedroom should be welcoming and relaxing; ultimately it's a place in which you should be comfortable and happy. Multi Luminaire has a huge of lights that can work wonders for any bedroom. From floor and table lamps, which are perfect for reading in bed, to accent lights to create a relaxing ambiance in the room and give it a unique personal twist.

If you're looking to create a romantic atmosphere, a dimmer switch gives you the versatility to create any mood you desire. If you're more of a "potato chips before relationships" kind of guy or gal, create a peaceful space by focusing on subtle, muted, lighting that will prepare you for sleep.

The Office

If you learn anything from this article, make it this - the right kind of lighting can make or break your study session. The way we light a space can have a huge effect on our circadian rhythm (our internal body clock). Not only does this help us when it comes to sleeping, but when we need to focus our energies, the lighting in the space can have a large impact.

If you're the kind of person that when faced with a deadline likes to set up camp with your stack of papers and cup of coffee in front of a glowing laptop screen, you're doing it wrong. Set your desk up with a nice lamp, preferably one you can reposition, and you'll always have optimal lighting - your productivity levels increase dramatically.

By bathing your space in a pool of light, you'll help give your eyes a rest from the strain of staring at a screen and make working at your desk a much more pleasant experience - that is assuming you haven't left everything to the last minute, not even great lighting can help you there.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is an essential space in every home #foodislife. Not only can you show off your culinary skills here (even if you're just really good at opening and closing the microwave door), but with the right lighting, your kitchen can play host to dinner parties or social gatherings.

Practicality should be your main aim when it comes to lighting your kitchen, LED ribbons for inside cupboards will make finding all those ingredients you know you have, but can never find, much easier. Track lighting can bring a lot of brightness to your kitchen, allowing you to properly see what you're doing, and ensuring super precise chopping and steaks seared to perfection!

The Yard

The garden really is, as they say, like the forgotten room. Many people neglect to use the space effectively, but there are a ton of options when it comes to lighting your outdoor areas to open up a new living space. Out front, you can create an inviting beacon of light to guide you through any untoward weather to your door with an outdoor sconce.

Turning attention to the back garden, a few landscape lights can start to give some real shape to your back garden - dot them along your garden path to create a walkway through your garden. You can also utilize spotlights to illuminate certain elements of the backyard like bushes, trees, or water features, and help draw attention to your proudest green-fingered achievements!

Alternatively, pick up some hanging garden lights and create a romantic space to spend these wintry nights with bae wrapped up in blankets with a hot chocolate under the starry sky. Whatever your vision for the garden of your dreams, Multi Luminaire has the lights and the know-how to create it.

The opportunities are pretty much limitless - who says a lamp needs to sit on a desk? Why should hanging lights only hang from the ceiling? With so many products across so many categories available, you can get totally creative and really make your space your own - whether you have just one room, or a whole house to work with.

Check out Multi Luminaire's whole range of products at their online lighting store. Otherwise, get some inspiration over at their Pinterest page.

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