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Honestly, there's no spot in the whole world during the summertime quite like Toronto.

Other than the super fun things there are to do in the city anyway (like hanging out at the waterfront or picnicking at High Park), summer in Toronto also means lots - and lots - of outdoor festivals.

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We've got everything from food fests to cultural festivals. This all means that Toronto is the place to be this year for an easy, fun, carefree summer!

And it also means that we've got to have a little bit of cash on hand. Which can be a little problematic, since we all pretty much just operate without cash in our pockets.

Does that mean you have to give up that Chimney Cone, just because you don't have a $10 bill on hand?

Absolutely not! 

TD has removed the TD fee to use a non-TD ATM in Canada for its TD Unlimited Chequing Account meaning there's no need to worry about a TD fee when there aren’t any TD ATMs nearby, as you'll no longer pay the TD fee of $2.00 when you withdraw money using a non-TD ATM in Canada (You may still pay a fee to the ATM provider).

So, need cash to grab a poutine at a festival food truck? No problem! TD's got your back with the TD Unlimited Chequing Account. 

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They're also removing the transfer fee to send money using Interac e-Transfer® from the TD Unlimited Chequing Account, TD Every Day Chequing Account, and Student Chequing Account. So no worries if one friend grabs the bill for dinner on King West; you can pay them back easily.

Whether planned or spontaneous, nothing should slow you down from having fun, especially when you don’t have cash on hand. You can now enjoy a carefree summer without worrying about additional extra fees.

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For more information on TD's free Interac e-Transfers and no ATM charges, check out their official website right here.

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