Parkdale gets a bad rep from the stereotypes that surround this neighbourhood, but if you're brave enough to venture to the west end of the city, you'll be pleasantly surprised. The streets of Parkdale, especially this end of Queen West are sprinkled with delicious places that'll leave your tummy satisfied and you wondering why you didn't make the leap sooner.

1. Electric Mud BBQ

5 Brock Avenue

Pull up a seat at a picnic table on the patio, enjoy the tunes, craft beer, and order some delicious food. Electric Mud BBQ has a spunky decor, and their menu is riddled with Southern U.S. barbecued foods. Order some fried chicken, ribs, or BBQ pork sandwiches with a side of potato salad or slaw.


2. Grand Electric

1330 Queen Street West

Serving up tacos and bourbon all year round. This taco shop is one of the busiest in the city, so be prepared to have to wait a bit before you can fill your belly. Grand Electric takes Mexican food down the untraditional route and makes you seriously question how many tacos you can eat in one sitting.


3. Parts & Labour

1566 Queen Street West

Not only is this a good place to eat, it's also a good place to hangout because of its live DJ's and music. If you're not of the "hipster" persuasion, you may not fit in, but it's worth risking not fitting in for the burgers this place serves up. Not into a big juicy burger? Parts & Labour has shockingly kick-ass options for vegetarians.


Photo cred - Chantecler

4. Chantecler

1320 Queen Street West 

Small, simple, and hip. Chantecler has a smaller menu filled with snacky things like wings, wraps, calamari and oysters, all with a little Asian-fusion added to the equation.


5. Glory Hole Doughnuts

1586 Queen Street West

Not technically a restaurant,  but worth mentioning because who doesn't love doughnuts? These doughnuts run circles around whatever Tim Hortons coughs up. They're handmade, fresh, and come in flavours like s'mores and PB & J. Our mouth is watering, is yours?


6. Easy Restaurant

1645 Queen Street West

Serving all-day breakfast that is inexpensive and dynamite. You can even order toast soldiers on their menu. Remember those when you were a kid?


7. Small Town Food Co.

1263 Queen Street West

A modern place with a French and British influence. Small Town Food Co aims to give off that small town vibe in the midst of the big city.


8. Kitten and the Bear

1576 Queen Street West

Kitten and the Bear isn’t a place to go for a full blown meal that will leave you rolling down the street home, but this tiny little coffee and tea shop is a must-try, especially for breakfast. All their jams and jellies are made by hand, and with local and sustainably grown fruit. Grab yourself a homemade scone and a mixture of delicious spreads, and you’re all set for a classy breakfast.


Photo cred - Shangrila Tibetan & Asian Cuisine

9. Shangrila Tibetan & Asian Cuisine

1600 Queen Street West

A fusion of Tibetan and South Asian cuisine served in a cozy and colourful venue with a full bar. Everything is priced relatively cheap, and the food is some of the best Tibetan food in Parkdale!


10. Rhino Bar & Grill

1249 Queen Street West

Rhino makes this list for their great outdoor patio in the summer, an awesome beer selection, and their cheap, yet satisfying pub food. Rhino is the perfect spot to chill out with a cold one this summer away from the chaos of the downtown core.


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