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It's good to mix it up every once in a while, so your taste buds don't get bored. The best way to do this is by eating something you've never even thought of before. Just because you live in Canada, doesn't mean you're stuck eating salads, pizza, and poutine all your life. There's plenty of places in Toronto that want to challenge your mouth, but in the best possible way.

Kagaroo at Byzantium

499 Church St

Byzantium serves kangaroo. That's right, I said kangaroo. Make plans to try it out this weekend!


Hagis at The Caledonian

856 College St

Get a taste of authentic Scottish cuisine at the Caledonian, where they serve some standard bar meals like fish and chips and burgers on the same menu where you'll find haggis.


Photo cred - Janine Cheung

Jalapeno Duck Hearts at Bellwoods Brewery

124 Ossington Ave

Bellwoods has been serving jalapeno duck hearts for a while now, to rave reviews. Try them out, but make sure to call ahead first to see if they're in stock.


Camel at Casbah in Market 707

707 Dundas St W

Ever looked at a camel and wondered what it would taste like on a burger? Well, wonder no more, because Casbah's got your back. Once again, make sure to call ahead to see if they have the camel sliders in stock, because shipments of camel meat to Canada can be unpredictable. Who knew?

Sea Urchin at Diana's Seafood

2101 Lawrence Ave E

Some think of sea urchin and think "DANGER!" Others get hungry. If you're in the latter category (or want to be), order some sea urchin roe next time you're at Diana's Seafood, and be the adventurous gourmand you were born to be!


Catfish at Big Daddy's

212 King St W

If you've ever wanted to try bronzed catfish or fried alligator, Big Daddy's is the place for you. C'mon. I know you're a little curious.


Bison at Gabby's

For full list of restuarant locations, consult their website

You wouldn't think of Gabby's in relation to alternative foods, but the sad truth is that very few people have tasted bison meat. Gabby's makes a mean bison burger that everyone should check out.

Duck Gizzard at Cowbell

1564 Queen St. E

Cowbell is a great place to find venison, but the most interesting thing on their menu is the option between grilled and corned duck gizzards. Have you ever had gizzards before? No? Well, you now know how to change that.


Red Deer, Elk & Venison at Beast

96 Tecumseth St

Beast is all about game meat, obviously. You can find red deer and elk venison here, as well as pigeon. They also give you the option to order a "whole animal dinner." You choose an animal, and the chefs prepare you a tasting menu using every part of it. How cool is that? Definitely something to think about when looking for a birthday present for yourself.


Photo cred - George Restaurant

Pheasant & Water Buffalo at George

111 Queen St E

Next time you want to treat yourself to some fine dining, check out George, and try out their pheasant or water buffalo dishes.


Partridge at Scaramouche

1 Benvenuto Pl

Like a few other places on this list, Scaramouche serves foi gras. But unlike anything else on this list, they also serve partridge breast, which I bet you've never tasted. You know you'll love it.


Bison, Kangaroo & Elk at Wvrst

609 King St W

At Wvrst, you'll find bison, kangaroo, and elk sandwiches, as well as the fan favourite: duck fat fries. Mouth. Watering.


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