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The Green Party Makes History In Ontario Election


For years and years the Green Party has been seen as a bit of a joke in Ontario provincial politics.

But that’s all changing with the election results that are coming in tonight. The Green Party has won their first ever seat in the provincial legislature.

Green Party leader Mike Schreiner has won his seat in Guelph to give the party its first ever seat in the Ontario government. 

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This is a historic first for the party, as until now they have been unable to ever win a seat. 

The victory does not afford the Greens all the benefits of the three major parties, as eight seats are needed for official party status in the legislature.  

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This is the first time in 30 years that someone from Guelph has won the seat without being from the party that forms the government.   

The area had previously been represented by Liberal MPP Liz Sandals, who had won each election in the area since 2003.  

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This will definitly be seen as a major step for the party in the province going forward. 

Source: CTV 

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