Who really wants to spend all their hard earned savings on an overpriced gym membership? When you live in a city like Toronto, working out for free is a lot easier than you think. This city is filled with free yoga, fitness classes, and running groups. The best part? Not having to commit to anything. If you only want to go once a month, go once a month, and save that extra money that's now in your pocket to treat yourself.

1. Lululemon Queen West

342 Queen Street West

Lululemon offers a variety of community classes throughout the city. Their downtown Queen West location offers a free fitness class every Tuesday from 8pm-9pm that alternates from yoga, to barre, to pilates. Lululemon circulates through a variety of different local studios and teachers, giving you a good mix up of different classes every month. This location also offers running groups but they are currently on hold for a few months (as of February).


2. Lululemon Cumberland

153 Cumberland Street

The Lululemon Cumberland location offers up a complimentary yoga class every Sunday morning from 10am-11am. Similar to the other Lululemon locations, they will switch up the teachers and studios they feature each week or month. Lululemon also offers free usage of yoga mats, so save money on buying a mat and just borrow theirs.


3. YYoga Queen West Community Yoga Class

333 Queen Street West Suite 327

YYoga partners with the Eaton Centre Lululemon to bring you a completely free yoga class at their clean and modern studio located in the heart of the city on Queen West. This class is suitable for all levels, and takes place every Saturday from 3-4pm. Complimentary lockers and coat check is also on site.


4. Mountain Equipment Coop Yoga Class

400 King Street West

MEC also offers a free community class at their massive King Street location. This class runs every Sunday morning at 10am and is for all levels. Spaces are limited to 50 people, so get there early to save yourself a spot. Make sure to bring your own yoga mat!


 5. Fred Hamilton Outdoor Gym

155 Roxton Road

When the weather is nice, the best thing to do is to head outside for your workout! The Fred Hamilton Playground is located in the west end of the city, near Ossignton and College, and is home to GreenGym outdoor fitness equipment that is suitable for all levels.


6. Sir Casimir Gzowski Park Outdoor Gym

1751 Lake Shore Boulevard

Work out by the shore of Lake Ontario at this relatively new addition to Sir Casimir Gzowski Park. Another fitness park supplied through GreenGym, and a great alternative then being stuck inside an overpriced, stuffy gym.


7. Running Room Run Club

Various Locations

Just about every Running Room location in the city offers a free Running Room Run Club that happens on Wednesdays and Sundays each week. Times vary but they usually begin between 6-6:30pm on Wednesday evenings, and 8:30am on Sunday mornings. These groups are open to all levels (running or walking) as they send out multiple groups with pace group leaders.


 8. Nike Training Club at the Academy of Lions

64 Ossignton Avenue/Various Locations

Nike Training Club is a Nike Certified training program created by world-class trainers, and all classes and meet-ups they run are completely free. Most famously known in the city for their run club that runs multiple days throughout the week. Join the below Facebook group to get the most up-to-date information of when and where they meet.


Facebook Group

9. Lululemon Run Club

Toronto Eaton Centre, 220 Yonge Street Unit 3106A

Join Lululemon for their weekly run club that departs from their Eaton Centre store at 9am to 10am. Meet at the store a bit early (8:45am) if you plan on storing your bag in their store, and after you complete your run, enjoy coffee with your fellow runners at the Richtree Market on the bottom level of the Eaton Centre.


10.  Night Terrors Run Club

Trinity Bellwoods Park

Night Terrors Run Crew (NTRC) is a super cool and unique way to get your workout in. This run club starts at around 7:30pm in Trinity Bellwoods Park and on route through Toronto they make stops along the way to places like festival spots, street art, wicked buildings, nature trails and even some food and drink spots. They try and keep their stops to places you wouldn't normally go, and are open to anyone from beginner to advanced runners. The NTRC is sure to keep running way more exciting!


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