Another round of graduates are entering the real world this year. New, fresh and intelligent young people are hitting the streets of Toronto with their bold ideas, amazing volunteer contributions and business plans. Older generations have little to no hope for people our age, but I think they're wrong. For some, "adulting" comes naturally. Young people who have been determined to make moves from a very young age are making their debut in the city.

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They're all unique in their own way... they all have special talents...strengths and weaknesses, but one common denominator between them all is determination. I think it's extremely important to support our peers, because we are the future. So, here's a list of graduates from the Class of 2017 who are killing it already...

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1. Noah Parker // Ryerson University

Parker is the Creative Director & Co-Founder of @fourfiftyfive, a made-to-measure clothing company based in Toronto that designs custom suits, shirts & accessories. Parker's customized attire is becoming more and more popular in the city each and every day. Parker launched his suit business while still juggling university.

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2. Jerry Ennett // University of Guelph

Ennett studied Biomedical Engineering in Guelph, and has started his own prosthetics business that was recognized by World Vision Canada. He'll soon be travelling to Ghana to help create prosthetics for people there. Giving & intelligent!

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3. Lara Liebovitz // Queen's University

By getting involved in school committees, maintaining solid grades and always growing her network, Lara is getting her start in the financial industry in an impressive way. She will begin full-time employment after graduation this summer at BMO as an Investment Banking Analyst. KILLIN' IT!

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4. Lewis Gordon // Carleton University

Gordon won First Prize for TVO's Short Doc Contest for his documentary, "More Than a Refugee". He was also voted by his classmates most likely win an Oscar one day. Check him out now before he hits the big screens!

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5.  Adrien Bettio & Hyla Nayeri // Queen's University

These two besties are the co-founders of 437 Swimwear. Adrien and Hyla wanted to make a simple and flattering swimwear for young girls that wasn't too pricey. The brand was built while the girls were studying at Queen's. Talk about multitasking! They will be releasing a brand new collection of their swimwear this summer.

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6. Dorian Rodrigues // York University

For your real estate needs, this guy has you covered. While studying Business Management, Dorian has created a brand for himself in the real-estate business.

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7. Amanda Giancola // University of Toronto

Amanda has travelled the world to help others. Volunteering abroad in both Panama and Honduras, she assisted and shadowed physicians in mobile clinics. Amanda was involved in building a hygiene station for an impoverished family in a rural community. This summer she will be taking her passion for international development to India where she will be living in solidarity with the Loreto sisters.

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8. Akshay Kumar // Western University

Akshay started his own web development company, Treeweb, with the help of the Ontario's Summer Company program last summer. Treeweb was recognized by the Mayor of Mississauga for having drive and ambition to start the business and other businesses grow. In the following months, Akshay will be travelling to China to begin a venture with some friends-- a hardware start up focused on bringing the next generation of consumer products. WOW, this guy is unstoppable!

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9. Nina Adelman // McGill University

This young lady is devoted to research and providing a safe space for others! Nina has assisted with research at renowned institutions such as Yale University and The Douglas Mental Health Institute. During her time at McGill studying Psychology, Behavioural Science and Sexual Diversity Studies, she was an advocate for mental wellness involved in the university's Wellness Recovery Action Plan. Nina plans on continuing her educational path with a post-grad.


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10. Maike Van Nierkerk // Dalhousie University

Maike lost her mom when she was just 9 years old to breast cancer. Maike is the founder of a charity dedicated to her mother, that has raised more than $110, 000 to help cover costs for cancer patients.  She's graduating from the Nursing program at Dal. Maike is heading to Oxford and is set to become Dalhousie's 90th Rhodes Scholar.

These are just a few Class of 2017 graduates to watch out for! Congratulations to everyone who is graduating this year and good luck on your next chapter, wherever your journey takes you.

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