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Since '10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman' hit the web at the end of October, there have been countless spoofs circling online, in fact, according to the BBC, there are already 46 different parodies including the very popular '10 Hours Walking In NYC as a Man' that Funny or Die put out the following day.

Side note, does no one find it weird that these people claim to have walked for 10 hours around one city? That seems like a really long time and their feet must have really hurt the next day, No? Just us, Okay, moving on. Someone has finally brought the spoofing to Tee Oh, and the result is hilarious!

Online magazine, Jenkem, brings us '10 Hours of Walking In Toronto as a Skateboarder'. The long overdue clip shows a dude roaming the busy streets of our lovely city for 10 hours (yeah, right) "wearing jeans and carrying an 8.5 inch skateboard." and he is met with many a loud harassing comment from his peers. Horrible humans shout at him profanities such as "Yo, do something cool"  'Hey Tony Hawk, do a kickflip, huh." Our personal favourite is the "I used to be sponsored" guy.

While it may not be as important a message as the original one made in NYC, meant to show the demeaning nature of cat-calling across the city, it is still a pretty damn funny satire of the whole phenomenon.

It's really important to treat our peers with respect Toronto, jesus christ, let's get our shit together. If you or someone you know is a victim of skate harassment, you're not alone, call us at... Totally kidding, suck it up.


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