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Toronto like New York is the centre of the universe. When it comes to visiting Canada, especially if you're from NYC you need to ask yourself a few simple questions. Do you want to have a good time or do you want to have a great time? Toronto bodes a great time, Montreal on the other hand, meh.

Don't believe moi? Find out all the reasons New Yorkers should visit Toronto instead of Montreal.

1. We have better poutine

There I said it!

(Smokes, Poutini’s, and yea, we have a Poutineville now, so we basically have it all)

2. Everything is bigger in Toronto

Do you have six Chinatowns Montreal? Little India, little Portugal, little Italy, just to name a few, a few.


3. Our subway system is ghetto

New Yorkers will feel right at home with our hot as fuck, smelly, and sticky subway system.

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4. We have a CN tower that you can EdgeWalk at

Do you have a CN tower Montreal? Do you have a CN tower that you can edgewalk around in a snazzy looking red jump suit and overlook the entire city from a hanging bungee cord? Do you?

5. People will say sorry when they bump into you

Look at those friendly faces! New Yorkers no doubt will love our Canadian hospitality, Montrealer’s on the other hand, I hear they’re a pretty ruthless breed.

6. You already know the language!

Why go to Montreal and get all confused dealing with language barriers, come to Toronto, we speak english!

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7. We have more than one sports team

New Yorkers can check out a baseball game, basketball game, maybe a hockey game. Or perhaps a football game? Wow there are just so many options in Toronto.

8. We have a lot of delicious Mexican food

Oh, did I mention Montreal doesn’t? 'Cuz they don't.

9. We have an island you can visit that has a nude beach and an amusement park

And unlike New York, this island has trees too. Jaw dropper I know.

10. The shopping is better

Whether it’s vintage shops on ossington, or perhaps bootlegged apparel from queen west or the mainstream shops of the eaton’s centre, New Yorkers have a lot to choose from.

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