Whether or not you’re striving to recreate the cast of Friends within your own group or train your roommates to act like Jessica Day’s roommates on New Girl, what it comes down to is our that infamous boy-girl friendship that has the tendency to leave us in awe. Ignore the impulse to believe that guys and girls can’t just be friends because opting for the boys is sometimes the best choice.

Every girl with guy friends realizes how important they are in her life, and this is exactly why we’re so lucky to have them:

1. Wingman

There is probably no easier way to meet men than through your guy friends. The task is entertaining in itself, but your guy friend is going to be a tough screener because he wouldn't set you up with just anyone. And it works both ways.

2. Cat fights are a real thing

In no way can we deny the importance of a bond between female best friends, the sisterhood of women and all that, but we are also not blind to the inevitability of betch fights. Female friendships are a lot more complicated and draining, to say the least. Girls have the tendency to bring out the worst in other girls, even if they're your friends or maybe even more so because they're your friends.

Male friendships tend to be much less dramatic and much simpler, not to mention they are less likely to talk negatively about you behind your back.

3. They are protective of you

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Because you are "just friends", they like you for you and want others to as well. They also have you back and won't easily turn on you.

4. If you’re not good at drinking, they will teach you

You will be trained and tested.

5. They are your translator

Girls have the tendency to over think things and read to deeply into things when the answer is probably very simple.The addition of an insider's perspective on how males think or feel is very useful. Sometimes harsh, but truthful and usually what you need to hear.

6. They don't hold grudges

Your fights are short and sweet because guys don't tend to dwell on things. Yeah, you'll still fight with them, but they get over much quicker than a fallout with your girls could take to heal.

7. Their complements are weird, not backhanded

Men are more sincere. Awkward as it can be, if they say it, they probably mean it.

8. That being said, he will tell you exactly what he thinks

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He has no reason to filter his opinion when you ask what he thinks. Take what he says at face value, because they have no reason to lie, he's not your boyfriend.

9. Plans are impulsive, impromptu and often the most fun

There are limits to how much time someone can spend at a mall. There is also a spontaneity that comes with the male personality, so plans do not have to be made weeks in advanced and every detail does not have to be discussed to death.

10. Even if you accidentally make out, they want to forget it just as much as you.

It never happened.

Friendship with guys is refreshing and eye-opening. Although they are often unappreciated and discouraged, they are some of the best friendships to be had, so maybe the friend-zone isn't such a bad place to be.

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