As the school year sets in and all the hawks have rested in their nest, let's take a moment to remember a few of the many reasons to love being a Golden Hawk. Whether you are a current or former Hawk, you'll always remember why you decided to get a fine degree at Wilfrid Laurier. So sit back and let us give you a few reminders.

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1.We Love Our Hawk

The one sacred rule at Laurier is to never step on the hawk. To avoid stepping on the hawk, even by accident, you may have to do the Michael Jackson lean just to avoid touching it. Step on it and prepare to face the pins of a dozen death stares. It is an ancient tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, and for some reason unknown to man, we are determined to hold this legacy. So don't be the one to get caught. If you do, you will hear gasps, people will stop dead in their tracks and you may even get called out on it. But you've never let that scare you. It's all love because we love our Golden Hawk!

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2. We've Got Spirit Yes We Do, We've Got Spirit How About You!

"It's great to be a Laurier Golden Hawk!" If  this cheer is ringing in your ears, then you have certainly lived through the spirits of Golden Hawk cheer. There is an immense amount of spirit here at Laurier, so much you can probably swim in it. Laurier students are filled with pride and aren't afraid to rock out with their hawk out.

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3.Ball Is Life...Football That Is

If saying 'ball is life' was ever so true here at Laurier when it comes to football. Even if you have no idea what's going on in the sport, you know it's apparently a big deal here at Laurier. A few of our players have even gone on to be drafted for the CFL.

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4. Making Gains. We Like To Stay Fit!

There is nothing like getting fit in our state of the art two story fish bowl gym. After major renovations in 2013 with a $5.3-million expansion and shiny new equipment, Laurier's fitness centre has been transformed from a one floor to two floor state of the art workout haven. With the full glass enclosure facing University street, our world class gym has everyone on the outside looking on in envy. It screams, "Come to Laurier, our hawks are always in shape".  Whether that's true or not, you always have a great place to burn some major calories.

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5. Ain't No Party Like A Laurier Party

Everyone loves a good party, and for some reason Laurier is known to be the life of the party. The most popular time to party here at Laurier is St. Patty's day. People from all over come dressed in their green gear to party and have an outrageously good time on Ezra Street. Every year the Ezra street party never fails to deliver.

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6. So Many Extracurricular Activities To Join

Here at Laurier, there is something for everyone. No matter what your flavor is, we've got lots to choose from. Whether you wanted to be an on air host for Radio Laurier or write for the student newspaper. Join a sorority or a sports team. Become a cheerleader or take dance classes. Maybe you had a cause you were passionate about.  The possibilities are endless. And if you can't choose from the dozens of options, then you can start your own! Laurier is a place for new ideas to form.

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7. The Campus Is Lively

When you take a stroll through the concourse, there is always something happening. The concourse is where you find a lot of pop up booths from food, to clothes and jewelry, cool posters for sale, maybe a surprise flash mob, rallies, and more. There is never a dull moment.

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8. We're Not Always About the Party

Although Golden Hawks love a good party, we take our education seriously. Laurier prides itself for its renowned Business (BBA) program. But besides that we have an array of programs to explore with the option of having not one, but two majors at the end of your four year journey!

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9. We Are A Small, But Very Open Community

Laurier's main Waterloo campus is small but very much open. Since it is a smaller campus, all your classes were within a 10 minute walk. You were definitely thankful during your short walks to class on those cold winter days.

Photo Cred- Turret Nightclub

10. We Have Our Own Nightclub

Forget going out to party when Laurier brings the party to you. Laurier has its own nightclub called the Turret. Thursdays are All Ages night, so freshmen leave your fake ids at home. Either way, you always knew you didn't have to go far to turn up.

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