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Vogue may have glorified Toronto's West Queen West, but it's only the beginning. The whole QW is gearing up for a takeover in 2015 - throwing shade at east enders and anyone north of Eglinton - and if you rep the hood on a daily basis, it's hard not to wonder if you fit the impending stereotype. A lot of factors go into the classification (excluding the number of times you've seen The Weeknd IRL) and to help, we've put together a list that can verify whether or not you're the trendster you say you are.

You Buy Clothes For Style, Not Comfort

Much like your "broke with expensive taste", you're not too concerned with comfort when it comes to style. You know layers rule all and if infinity scarves are in during the peak months of spring, you'll have every variation on deck. As Bishop once said in Juice, you "go out in a blaze if you got to!"

You Only Shop At Garb

H&M can have its Coachella-inspired line because you only thrift at Garb and other consignment shops. You live for the discount and you're not afraid to spend a lil on Ralph Lauren or Ira Berg because Becky already has a Oscar De La Renta party dress for Friday night and that's not fleek.

You "Pretend" To Be A Foodie

When it comes to Toronto and food, you're like the don of knowledge. You peruse Chowhound just so you can get the scoop on resto openings and hidden gems, and your Instagram game is hella on point despite the fact you only photograph other people's food. You also don't care because hey - juice cleanses only thrive if you're in control.

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Everyone At Tealish Knows You By Name

If someone was to take a stab at doing the actual calculations, there's a good chance you've tried at least 47 variations of loose leaf tea. Your friends have Tealish have helped you expand your palette and you can't thank them enough for introducing you to the world of Chocolate Mint Rooibos.

You're All About The Beard (Or His Beard)

If you're the one rocking the grizzled face hair, you've embraced the wilderness and you're likely spending more than you should on care products. If you're the admirer, you're addicted to lumbersexuals and you're just a few steps away from facing a family-instigated intervention.

Dating Really Isn't Your Thing

Why date when you can go Hans Solo? Relationships are overrated, overpriced, and require way too much work as your take on breakfast is either leftover pizza or 3 p.m. brunch. You don't have the patience to be with someone who has needs, especially when Tinder catches fire on a Saturday.

You Smoke Because You Think It Looks Chic

Smoking really wasn't your thing and though you hate yourself because everyone does it now, you're not ashamed. A pack of Camels can be a godsend when work starts acting up and your collection of Marilyn Monroe lighters has everyone - as Franco would put it - peanut butter and jealous.

You're Involved In The Arts

If you're addicted to anything, it's art gallery openings and grab bags. Okay, mainly grab bags. People don't take advantage of them enough and you're willing to mingle through anything just to get your hands on a free bottle of Goose. Even if it means watching two mimes reenact scenes from Titanic.

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You Have Real Text Convos With Your Uber Driver

Because it's you, you knew about Uber before it even became Uber and as of now, you wouldn't be caught dead on the subway. Your Uber driver is life itself. It took you months to find the perfect one and they're always a text away when you need them. They accidentally sexted you that one time but you forgive them - as long as your passenger rating stays through the roof.

You've Tried Every Trend

Whether its hot yoga and oil pulling or man buns and Ello, you've rocked every trend there is and you're already making Fetchnotes about what's underground for 2015. Your options seem really limitless at this point and who knows? Maybe you'll bring back cassettes and normcore or even find love and get your engagement photos done on Queen Street - because that's a thing, right?

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