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One of the greatest mysteries to Torontonians is the mighty Scarberia. Everyone who lives West of Victoria Park is baffled by it. They’ve heard of it, they talk about, but have they ever been there? Answer: Maybe once when they were drunk. The ineptitude on the subject of Scarborough is ridiculous. And anyone who lives there can relate to the prejudice/stupid questions we get asked pretty much everyday of our lives. The struggle is real, and this is why.

1. No One Wants To Come Visit You

I mean they have good reason, but it’s still so unfair. Everyone acts as if it would be SUCH a hassle to go all the way down. Like you don’t have to travel all the time to see them.

2. The Commute Is Shit

You actually have to travel everywhere. And it sucks. Seriously sucks. I took the TTC every single day for five years and I still haven’t recovered. And there’s no point in getting a car because driving downtown is worse than taking the bus. You can’t win either way.

3. It’s A Wasteland

There is nothing to do. It’s all road, houses and plaza’s. To give you an idea, I was once so bored that I spent $40 in a Dollarama, as a means to pass the time.

Photo cred - Tanja Tiziana

4. Everyone Is Scared Of The RT

For those of you who are unaware, the Scarborough RT is the blue extension on the green line. People ride it everyday to get to and from work. But when you bring a west-ender to it, they act as if you’re taking a ride on the train of death. It's v. embarrassing.

5.“You’re Not From Real Toronto.”

In fact, we are from REAL TORONTO. We were amalgamated into the city in 1998. Get over it, bud.

6. The Slang Is Different

Westender’s will never understand the proper way to stay “styll”. It’s like hearing and American say “eh”. Do yourselves a favour and just stop.

7. The STC Is Crazy

Many believe this to be the epicenter of Scarborough, and sometimes I believe them. The STC is always insane, everyday feels like Black Friday. The Eaton Centre ain’t got nothin’ on us.

8.“Isn’t It Dangerous?”

Literally the most ignorant thing you could say. The fact that Scarborough is seen as the “ghetto” is stupid. Yeah, Scarbz has a bad reputation, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to get shot as soon as you start walking on Steeles. It’s probably more dangerous to walk through Young and Dundas.

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9. You Can’t Avoid People

Contrary to popular belief, Scarborough is actually really big. We have a population of 625,000 people. However, for some reason whenever you get on the 12, or walk to the convenience store, you will without fail see someone you know. It’s some sick, twisted Scarborough curse.

10. Laziness Is Not An Option

You always got to be proactive if you live in Scarborough. If not, then you will get sucked into the vortex and never leave.

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