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Scarborough isn't just a suburb, it's a lifestyle. Even if you're not a true local, you're still held accountable for representing the district and its beliefs - whether its praying to a Melyssa Ford poster every morning or knowing the lyrics to "0 To 100" by heart. There are a lot of other factors that define a Scarberian, but it's 2015 and these are all the signs you need to prove you're not cheesin' anyone.

You Never Call Scarborough By Its Name

Scarbs, Scar-town, Scarberia, Scare-borough; no matter what, you'll never call your hometown by its proper name because that's for Ajax kids who like to play dress-up in fresh OVO gear. You could say they don't know any better, but hey, they're from Ajax - let 'em be.

You've Visited The Town Centre For Years

It's 2015 and you'd much rather not take the RT because you're still afraid of it falling off the tracks, but the Town Centre's your home. You'll always know someone working there, you'll always grab a bite at the food court (if there's a crush involved), and you'll never forget about the Rainforest Cafe. Their murals were a trip when you were eight.

You Wasted Your Allowance At Wizard's Castle

If you weren't eating Taco Bell or being a mall rat, you were likely converting your weekly allowance into "lives" at Wizard's Castle. The arcade was the mecca of all meccas and it allowed you to brush up on your skills, whether it was your trigger finger or ability to rock the hell out of some sticks.

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You Have Your Own Graffiti Tag

Not only do you have your own graffiti tag, but you've had your own tag since the fourth grade. You spent hours creating one that looks boss (and not like your very first design) and though you don't carry around a pack of cans anymore, you'd mark a mailbox in seconds if you had a Sharpie on hand.

You Know Drake's So Far Gone By Heart

And not that commercialized hack of an EP that uses the same title. Drake's '09 mixtape is your bible - from "Uptown" to "Best I Ever Had" and "Little Bit" to "Successful", you're a walking Rap Genius for every rhyme and shot. Hell, "Say What's Real" still holds up as your go-to for letting some feels out.

You Know A Degrassi Character (IRL)

True Scarberians know every Degrassi character that has ever existed, but if Scar-town is indeed your hometown, then you obviously know one of the top-billed, of course - like Jake Epstein ("Craig") or Shane Kippel ("Spinner"). But not Drake. You can say anything you want, but Drake has never enjoyed a glass of lemonade in your Mom's kitchen.

Your Dessert Vice Is Mango Ice Cream

Okay, okay - Wendy's Frosty is a very close second, but is there anything better than a few scoops of mango ice cream or a mango milkshake? It's like a little dab of heaven - island vibes meeting pure dessert ecstasy - and it's a Trini ting you'll never abandon.

You Know Where To Get The Best Beef Patties

You've grown up eating patties from Warden Station and it's turned you into a know-it-all when it comes to Jamaican cuisine. Saltfish and plaintain aside, you understand that beef patties are meant to be flaky and moist (not crispy and dry), and it's why you're more than willing to make a trip to Allan's for two curry goat shells

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You Know Loader At Morningside Cinemas

James Loader isn't any ordinary man, he's practically Morningside Cinemas. He's worked the Cineplex for years and that's why you and your family have come to know his trademark rip (and facial hair) for at least a decade. In your eyes, the Bad Boy's Furniture guy has nothing on Loader.

You Still Hate People From Pickering

There's no intelligent or comprehensible reason as to why you hate the people that live in Pickering, Ontario, but you do. They're worse than backwash (i.e. Sean Avery) and because of your morals, you wouldn't say hello to one even if they were the last person on earth.

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