You know when you finally have a day off and you're ready for some adventures, but all your friends are busy? Luckily for you, there are plenty of things to do in Toronto alone!

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Whether all your friends are busy or you just want some alone time, here's a list of things to do in Toronto when you're all alone: 

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1. Go see a movie at Imagine Cinemas

Everyone should go to the movies alone at least once. No arguing over what to see, or having your friends talk to you during the movie (so annoying). Imagine Cinemas has a few locations downtown at Yonge and Carlton or Market Square. Cheap Tuesdays are only $5 all day!

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2. Visit The ROM or The AGO

Walking through an exhibit alone at your own pace is refreshing, you don't have to worry about anyone else. You can personally experience these exhibits exactly how YOU want to!

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3. Chill out with a book in Trinity Bellwoods Park 

Trinity Bellwoods is a great place to meditate and relax, especially when you're alone. Grab some of your favourite snacks, a good book and a blanket and take some necessary me time. Check out these other parks in Toronto if you love nature!

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4. People watch at Kensington Market Pedestrian Sunday 

Exploring the market alone is super fun, with all the different kinds of people you'll see. Plus the people are so friendly you're guarenteed to make some new friends! Once you're done exploring check out one of these amazing restaurants in Kensington Market.

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5. Kick back at the Sidekick Cafe

The Sidekick is a coffe shop comic book store hybrid. Grab a beverage and a book for an afternoon of reading and relaxing (no friends allowed)!

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6. Rent a bike along the waterfront

Exercise and good times all in one! Bike riding alone allows you to be on your own schedule, and admire the beauty of the Toronto harbour as you wish! A lil' exercise never hurt anybody.

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7. Take a yoga class at YogaTree 

With several locations downtown, take some time alone and find your inner zen! Yoga is a great activity to do alone because you can't talk anyway, so close your eyes and feel the vibes! Check out these other super cool yoga studios in Toronto too!

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8. Go thrifting on Queen West 

Thrifting is a fun activity with a group, but it can be stressful. It takes too much time worrying about other people's shopping agendas. Check out these thrift stores to give your wardrobe a vintage chic edge!

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9. Take a stroll by the St Lawrence Market on a Saturday

This market is home to many unique vendors with interesting stories. If you're alone on a weekend this market is a great place to meet new people, and hear some interesting stories from the vendors!

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10. Trip out at The Vog Vault 

This illusion house will have you going in circles! A perk of going alone? Less confusion. Located in the back of Fluevog shoes, the square room is a perfect spot to take a trippy illusion photo your friends will be jealous of!

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