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Toronto gets a bad rap. All over the country, you'll find plenty of people ready to tell you why this city is the absolute worst. And while some of the problems people have with the six are pretty valid, there are a ton of great things about it too, and some people really need to chill out. So, without further ado, here are some of our faves. Got something you want to add? Throw it in the comments!

1. Public transit

Delays aside, the TTC is one of the country's more comprehensive transit systems. The intricate streetcar network makes it pretty easy to get around the city's core, and recent plans to add more subway lines ensure that in time, it'll be easier and easier to get to all of its nooks and crannies.

2. Whatever your scene, Toronto's got it

Torontonians get a lot of flack for being uniform- a mass of pea coat wearing capitalists- but this couldn't be further from the truth. This city boasts a diverse array of subcultures, and no matter what tickles your fancy, you're guaranteed to find like-minded people who share your interests. You've just gotta look for them.

3. All the food

Do you like food? Good, because Toronto's got it in spades. Every cuisine you can imagine exists here, and most of it is bomb. Certain neighbourhoods are known for specific foods, like the Indian restaurants on Gerard street, or the Greek food at the Danforth, but almost everything can be found downtown at equally high quality, and at prices that won't hurt your wallet.

4. Diversity

Toronto is arguably the most ethnically diverse city in North America, which is pretty awesome. Who wants to live in a place where everyone is the same?

5. Strong support for local art

Whether you're an aspiring stand up comic, or your indie band is just starting out, you're lucky to live in a place that loves its homegrown artists. There's plenty of venues that book new musicians, and open mic nights are often very well attended.

6. Libraries

Growing up in this city, I spent a lot of time at the library (I was shy and quiet, Okay?). The Toronto Public Library has lots of initiatives focussed on getting kids into reading, and they're a ton of fun. Even if you aren't a child, the library system is highly comprehensive, and very useful. Can't find a book you want at your local branch? Order it online from home and you'll get an email when it arrives. Borrowed a book from a branch that's now out of reach? Return it anywhere, and it'll get to where it needs to go.

7. Blend between urban and natural

As metropolitan as Toronto is, it's got a pretty huge expanse of green space. Between the various parks, the nature trails, and the islands just off the coast of Lake Ontario, there's plenty of room to run around, and plenty of fresh air to breathe in.

8. Employment

While some cities in Canada are fun places to hang out in, and others possess great job opportunities, Toronto is the perfect mix of business and pleasure. People in this city work hard, but they know how to play hard too.

9. Shopping

Toronto is a great city for fashion. Between the various malls, you can find any major clothing chain you desire. Looking for something more unique? Explore the array of vintage clothing stores along Queen Street West or Kensington market.

10. Size

Finally, this city is huge. This means that there is no limit to the things you can find here. There is a pocket of this city for any item you could possibly be looking for, and plenty more for things you'd never think to look for too. On Dundas and Dovercourt, you'll find a store called The Monkey's Paw, in which there is a vending machine that dispenses random books no one would ever have any use for. If you don't think that's awesome, then I dont want to know you.

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