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It's good to be young. Nobody expects you to be good at anything, but everyone wants to be you. It's kind of the perfect set-up. There's a ton of things that you can get away with in your youth that no one will be cool with you doing when you're older. Sleeping all day, staying up all night, and abusing your liver are all things that are easier to enjoy in your 20s. We've come up with a few more.

Buy Way Too Much Candy at Sugar Mountain

Everyone who's grown up here has memories of stopping off at Sugar Mountain to load up on candy and chocolate before heading to the Yonge and Eglinton Silvercity to watch a movie you're way too young to be seeing. At some point, eating candy until you get sick stops being a socially acceptable thing to do, so you should definitely be reliving this as much as you can before it's too late.

Make More Than A Few Mistakes at Crocodile Rock

Croc Rock has become a focal point for college students all over the city, and while you can get away with partying there for a few years after you graduate, pretty soon, you'll start to look like a creepy old person. So take advantage of the cheap beer and dance-able music while you can.

Get Inappropriately Drunk at the Green Room

Either you or someone you know has puked in the bathroom at the Green Room. While some people try to play it off as food poisoning, everyone knows it's because you got shitfaced like some sort of freshman. It's okay, it happens to everyone. Eventually getting blackout drunk at a bar starts to look "childish," so if you feel like reclaiming your youth a little bit, keep knocking 'em back.

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Get Stoned At Roach-a-Rama Then Waste An Afternoon Wandering Around The Blue Banana

Wasting time is probably the biggest luxury that young people have. One day, you'll have a serious job, dependents, and responsibilities. For now though, no one expects you to do anything. So why not get stoned at Roach-a-Rama with a friend and spend some time laughing at all the cheesy knick-knacks on sale at the most random store in the world (apart from Honest Ed's, obviously).

Binge Eat Bakerbots While Bing Watching Netflix

It is a well established fact that Bakerbots makes the best ice cream sandwiches in town, and possibly the world. They go really well with killing an evening watching TV, so pick up a selection next weekend and find something dumb to watch.

Swing on the swings at Bellevue Square Park

As always, I choose this park because kids rarely use it, so you won't be in competition with them for seats. It's not clear when exactly you become too old to swing on swings, but I have definitely never seen anyone over 30 doing it (at least, outside of an indie movie). So, while it's still not weird, see who out of your friends can swing the highest, and find out if you still know how to jump off of the swings and land on your feet.

Kill a day at Wonderland

Spending an entire day riding roller coasters and wasting way too much money on pizza is a luxury that only young people, and those responsible for young people, tend to enjoy. Take a day to cash in on this privilege next time you get the chance.

Drag yourself home from the Annex at 7am

Your opportunities to party in the Annex will decrease over time, as you spend less time with university students. But there's something about watching the sun rise as you wait for the Spadina streetcar that really makes you appreciate your youth.

Photo cred - Carrie Eberhardt

Get turnt up on a Tuesday at Hey Lucy

Hey Lucy makes it way too easy to get drunk during the week, what with all their drink specials. Even if you don't have time to get the club going up on a Tuesday, at the very least you can get inappropriately drunk and come in to work the next day with an epic hangover. In about 10 years, that's just not going to be a cute look, so do it up while you can.

Go Tobogganing at Christie Pits

Tobogganing is one of the best day-to-day perks that winter has to offer. But after a certain age, you really can't get away with blowing a whole day on it unless you have kids. This is completely unfair, so take advantage of the awesome hills at Christie Pits this winter and get your fill.

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