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Considering the always increasing popularity of reality television, we demand to know why there aren't more coming out of Toronto. There are tons of things happening in and around the city at all times that we know would kill in the ratings.

The city of Toronto boasts over 2.5 million people, factor in the additional 5.5 million living in the GTA and you can guarantee that you are going to meet a ton of worthy characters. We wanted to get our hands wet and brainstorm a couple of ideas. Share yours with me on Twitter @TaylorOliviaMc.

1. The Weeknd

Potential Title: Weeknd Update

The rebel from Scarborough with super cool hair and a killer voice? Why wouldn't we want to follow him around on his adventures? Plus we would've probably been along on that infamous trip to Vegas.

2. Deadmau5

Potential Title: Hau5 of Mau5

Deadmau5 is notoriously private but most people are familiar with his outspoken, no holds barred, tell it like it is attitude. Quite frankly, he's rude and it would be entertaining as hell to watch it happen.

3. The Ford Family

Potential Title: Policy Brothers

Move over Jonathan and Drew, there are a new set of Canadian brothers taking over the reality television world. Policy Brothers would be the perfect mix of funny and heartfelt but mostly funny. We're also willing to bet Kimmel would invest.

4. Toronto Batman

Potential Title: Batman on Bloor

The cameras could follow Toronto Batman on his quest to protect and entertain our streets. Batman on Bloor would require lots of GoPro shots and a rival show featuring Brampton Batman.

5. Dallas Green & Leah Miller

Potential Title: Meet The Greens

Canada's biggest question mark inducing couple. You know you need to see what it is that brings these two together. What do they talk about over dinner?

6. Eugene & Dan Levy

Potential Title: Father Versus Son

Everyone loves Eugene Levy and his rare knack for appearing in every movie, ever, but don't forget about his funny son, ex-MTV Canada personality, Dan Levy. Father Versus Son would be an incredible competition between the two to see who can out-funny the other.

7. OB Obrien & Ryan

Potential Title: The 6ix

You may be thinking you want a Drake reality television show to happen but he is only as cool as his entourage. These two are the real stars, OB Obrien and Drake's assistant/cousin Ryan would definitely bring the laughs, getting into all kinds of crazy situations while accompanying Drake on tour, to Raptors games and other things that Drake does.

8. The Subbans

Potential Title: Up To Speed With The Subbans

The Subban family still reside in Toronto and with so much talent squeezed into one family we could only imagine how great they would be to watch. Up To Speed With The Subbans is like Keeping Up With The Kardashians only less fame-whoring and more family.

9. Patrick J Adams

Potential Title: Suited Up

This guy is smart, he's talented, he's successful and he's engaged to a Pretty Little Liar, who doesn't want to watch behind the scenes of his life between Toronto, LA and NYC, the filming of Suits and his wedding planning?!

10. Elisha Cuthbert & Dion Phaneuf

Potential Title: She Only Dates NHL players

While neither of them are technically Torontonians by blood they do call Toronto home for a good chunk of the year. You know you want to see this show happen so we can get to the bottom of the whole did she or didn't she cheat with Joffrey Lupul rumour!

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