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What time is it? Exam time, a.k.a. time to bust out those notes you haven't looked at in twelve weeks. While some people have been doing pretty well with their studying game, the majority of us have no idea what the hell we're doing. May the odds be ever in our favour.

The Studious One

Toronto students are hardworking students. The studious one is always on top of their game. They've been doing their weekly readings accordingly since the beginning of the semester, as well as attending every single lecture. Four for you, studious one.

The Careless One

This one literally does not give a fuck. Doing all the readings? Studying for the actual exams? Nah son. I'll be at the Maddy if you need me.

The Procrastinator

This one spent the entire semester sleeping in class, if they even attended class at all. You can't blame Ryerson students for this, we have classes inside a movie theatre. You'll find the procrastinator anywhere in close proximity of cheap coffee, attempting to catch up on all the course material.

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4. The Twitter Addict

Toronto is full of Twitter addicts. However, there comes a time when breaks from social media are necessary. This one does not take breaks. The true Twitter addict will spend all their time complaining about studying instead of actually studying. They will tweet things such as, "OMG I have an exam in three days I haven't studied for!!!" and "LOL I haven't read any of the course novels for this English exam!!!"

5. The Needy One

Hey do you have the lecture notes from six weeks ago? Hey what did we do in lecture last week? Hey can I borrow a pencil for the exam? Toronto colleges and universities are unique because of the blend of both commuter students and students living on/near campus. The needy commuter students are too lazy to commute for an hour. The needy students who live on campus are too lazy to walk to class. Both variations heavily depend on their classmates.

6. The Keener

You'll find this one at the Robarts Library or the Ryerson Library from open 'til close, every single day, during exam time. You'll never see them leave their seats, and you'll wonder if they ever take bathroom breaks or lunch breaks.

7. The Lone Wolf

No one really knows who this person is. They come to every single class, sit by themselves, and avoid conversation with anyone else. The only time you ever spot them during exam time is at the actual exam.

8. The Useless One

This one has survived with adequate marks this semester, thanks to group projects. This one plans on winging the exam because they know they're useless. You won't spot them anywhere on campus during exams except at the actual exam.

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9. The Socialite

This one would rather do fun things than study. What kind of idiot would choose studying over fun? They will be eating the most delicious foods at the coolest Toronto restaurants, hanging out with all their cool friends, and Snapchatting their fun times while everyone else is studying their butts off.

10. The Instagram Enthusiast

Toronto's Instagram game is strong. This person posts daily artsy Instagram photos that make you wonder if they're even studying at all. There is a 75% chance they have a shot of their laptop next to a Starbucks cup somewhere in their feed. Yes I'm studying, but first let me spend half an hour taking and editing an artsy photo of me studying.

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