We've all waken up to crazy texts the morning after a wild night. Most of time, the messages make for an entertaining read, even if you don't know the people involved.

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Texts From Last Night is a website that compiles exactly that - texts from last night. It was founded by two anonymous friends in 2009 as an exploration of human nature and behaviour in its rawest form, without exposing the people involved. Anonymous users can submit text messages they've received to the website for public viewing, and each text is sorted by area code.

The founders of the website prefer texts to conversations:

We reserve the right to post portions of conversations without duplicating the entire thing. It's not because the entire thing isn't funny, but the funniest texts are those we can all relate to, so without the context of the conversation, they become really funny.

The submitted text messages are also reviewed before being published to ensure they are not viciously personal, racist, exceedingly profane, violent or excessively graphic in nature.

Here are some of the craziest texts submitted with the 416 area code:

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