You made have heard the phrase - "People come into your world for a reason, a season or a lifetime." Now, this person may have been your aunt Cheryl or a mug at Home Sense, but it's actually not a bad way to think about your relationships - both with your friends and S/O's. 

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The truth of the matter is, life is famously busy and messy and complicated. It's super easy for friendships to slip through the cracks with everything else going on in your day-to-day. However, there are some things we can try to make friendships last and a lot stronger

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1. Book a trip somewhere amazing, like Prince Edward County 

You've always wanted to go to Vancouver - why not just bite the bullet and go?! Save up some paycheques and make your way to wherever you wanna go, together. Travelling somewhere special together will give you memories that last a lifetime - and countless #TBTs too. 

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2. Crash family dinners with them at Portland Variety 

Squad up with their mom/dad/sister/doge. You may not have met your best friend's mom, but she likes all of your pics and comments cute emojis sometimes. Reciprocate! Spread that luv and watch your friendship get closer. 

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3. Wingwoman your hardest at The Drake Hotel 

We all know relationships can be fking hard. Whether your BFF is straight out of a hellish break-up or just on a dry streak, it pays to be there for her/him in the same way you'd want them to be there for you. Plus, if that cute dude you pushed her into @ Dock Ellis ends up being her boyfriend, you have a great story to tell the rest of your crew. 

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4. Geek out about your favourite shows/movies @ Sneaky Dee's

Nothing brings people closer together than a good drama. One Tree Hill? Greys Anatomy? Friday Night Lights? All excellent choices to fall-in-friends with someone. My girlfriend was the one to get me super hooked on The Bachelor franchise, and now I can't imagine Monday nights without furiously texting her about what Ashley I. said/did/cried about. Sneaks does amazing theme nights to accurately celebrate some of your favourite shows/movies, including trivia nights with drink-ticket prizes. 

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5. Never, ever, underestimate the power of brunch at The Starving Artist

This sounds fked up but have you ever been sad eating Eggs Benedict?? But seriously, set up a monthly or weekly date if you can. Chowing down, guzzling mimosas, and spilling secrets together can really do wonders for a relationship. 

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6. Get in your feels over Grk Ygrt 

You need to trust your friends, and obviously they need to trust you too. If you, or they, are going through some serious shit - it's important to share! Sleepovers aren't just for 12-year olds, but 21-year olds too. Break out some face masks, a bucket of popcorn and a bottle of white wine. You'll be warm and fuzzy in your head and heart!! 

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7. Werk it out @ Pursuit OCR 

It doesn't have to be as serious as a designer play-pen gym but even going for runs together or joining a casual soccer league can be a fun way to see each other. If you have a set day/time to hangout together, you'll be less likely to flake. 

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8. Set up a fun photoshoot together at Trinity Bellwoods 

If an amazing couple pic does not solidify your friendship, idk what will. You really don't have to get your model on if you don't want to. It can be as serious or as jokes as you want it to be. Do you wanna hit up your Insta-famous photographer friend for a couple shots or hit up a Walmart Photocentre wearing all-white? The choice is yours. 

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9. Fk up friendsgiving, a degenerate Christmas party, or a crazy Canada Day @ Cabana 

Friends really are the family you choose. By creating an annual Christmas party or Thanksgiving dinner can really cement great memories for you in the future. 

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10. Make the time to keep in touch!! Even if it's a quick coffee @ Fahrenheit 

I can't underestimate how important this truly is. In today's day and age, it is so fking easy to send a text or a snapchat. Just do it. Make a plan, see a friend. Commit. 

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11. Do something terrifying together like Edgewalk

If you ever want to make sure you stay friends forever, scare yourself stupid together. The rush of adrenaline and slight trauma (LOL) is proven to make you feel physically closer to someone. 

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