Toronto is the fourth largest city in North America and home to approximately  2.8 million peopleWith such a high population, how is it not possible to make different types of friends?

They say you are, who your friends are and yes that may be absolutely true. Whenever you're around a certain friend you tend to do the things the "two of you" like to do. Of course none of your friends are the same and they all have defining characteristics - after all,  that's what makes them different.

All your friend have different interests, skills and goals. What kind of friends do you have? Here's a list including 11 different types of friends perhaps you have or need to have in Toronto:

1. The Bay Street baller

They mostly likely finished the Schulich or Ivy program and now they have a job/internship in the Financial district. Money is always on their mind and they strive to roll around in cash for the rest of their life.

2. The King Street clubber

This friend sneaks their way into every bar/club in Toronto. Their flirty attitude gets you and your friends into all the venues on King. They are the social butterfly of your group and have no shame in using their looks to an advantage.

3. The Entertainment district promoter

This friend knows everyone in the nightlife industry. He/she will get you access into any VIP party or night club. They've got connections with club owners and know many important people around Toronto. Thank your friend for not spending money at clubs, free entry and booze.

P.S stay away from the "fake" promoters that pretend to be the sh*t when they're actually not.

4. The Kensington hipster

You can find your hipster friend in Toronto's heart of hipsterdom, Kensington Market. This friend has a unique character and loves the extraordinary things Toronto has to offer. Their closet is full of vintage clothing and they'll always give you one-of-a-kind gifts for your birthday.

5. The Queen Street roamer

You thank this friend for introducing you to the bars/stores/restaurants on Queen street. They always keep you up to date with the cool stuff happening in Toronto. You've definitely gone for a long walk from Yonge to Spadina together and stopped by the Starbucks across from Much Music to grab a coffee. The two of you have gone shopping at TSQ and had patio drinks at The Black Bull. 

Photo cred -@essentialjj 

6. The CF mall rat

This friend always updates you with the with the fashion trends happening in Toronto. They have dedicated their life to shopping and the Eaton Centre is their second home because they spend most of their time and money there.

7. The TTC dependent

Your TTC commuter knows the fastest routes on public transportation. They refuse to drive because they hate traffic and would rather take a street car then get into a vehicle. Sometimes you ponder if they are traumatized by cars and have a fear of getting into them. If you're ever lost in the city and don't have cab money, you call this friend right away to help you figure out a way to get home using public transportation.

8. The Toronto paparazzi

This friend takes photographs around Toronto every step of the way. They have more than one Instagram photo of the C.N tower, ACC and Dundas Square, most importantly from the most unusual spots. Let's be honest,  you thank this friend for taking your best photographs on social media.

9. The Blue Jays diehard

The Blue Jays diehard friend goes to every single Jays game and doesn't care to sit in the 500's section. Every time the two of you have gone together, things escalate very quickly and you end up getting really wasted. Their closet is filled withJays gear and they win tickets from raffles at bars all the time. This friend loves having fun with the simple things in life has a down to earth persona.

10. The Good Life buddy

If you ever need body goals inspiration, this is your go-to friend. They'll spend all their free time at the gym and motivate you to get in shape. They're always down to go for a bike ride or run on Lakeshore and their priority in life is to have a healthy lifestyle.

Photo cred -@beatricebouchard

11. The Edge Walker

Your Edge walker friend has a daring personality and is all about taking part in adventurous activities. They've most likely done the Edge Walk around the C.N Tower and gone on the Leviathan at Wonderland. They're always down to try something new and exciting that will satisfy their adrenaline rush, pushing you to boundaries.

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