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11 Places To Take Amazing Instagram Photos In Toronto You Need To Know About

Definitely not basic.

Instagram is becoming less of a social media outlet, and becoming more of a way of life. Everyone wants their Instagram to be popping, and that means using the best filters and having the coolest locations.

Now remember, there is more to life than social media and your feed does not define you. But it is super fun to create basically a photo resume of your life. 

If you've taken photos at all the coolest spots in the city and are looking for some inspo, look no further than this list of spots you did not know about. 

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1. District Eatery // 303 King St. W

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2. Chinatown // Spadina Ave

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3. Underpass Park // 29 Lower River St.

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4. Power Up Game Bar // 38 Wellington St. E

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5. Casa Loma // 1 Austin Terrace

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6. Kensington Parking Garage // Kensington Market & Baldwin Ave

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7. Echo Beach // 909 Lakeshore Blvd. W

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8. Colette // 550 Wellington

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9. Apartment 200 // 1034 Queen St. W

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10. Convenience Stores // Multiple Locations

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11. June Callwood Park // 636 Fleet St.

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