There are many advantages to being single in Toronto. Of course it's nice to have someone by your side when you're feeling lonely but it's also hard to focus on yourself when you have another person to take care of.

Relationships are an investment, if you're not ready to give a 100% there's no point of being in one. Perhaps you haven't met the right person yet, therefore it's important to explore your options. Here's a list of pros you should consider before settling down in a relationship while living in Toronto:

1. There will be more savings in the bank $$$

Think about the amount of money you spend on your significant other... Toronto is a pricey city and no matter where you go, you have to empty your wallet. It will cost you $30+ bucks just to go see fishes at Ripley's.

2. You can go on many dates.

You're not limited to seeing one person. The places to meet people in Toronto is unlimited. From nightclubs to bars, arcades and restaurants, the list can go on and on... Be spontaneous and go on a blind or speed date.

3. You can flirt without hesitation.

There will be no need to think twice whether you're innocent or not. You can party all day at Cabana Pool Bar and have a flirty attitude in every conversation.

4. You'll have more spare time.

Relationships take up a lot of your "own" time. There are several place you can enjoy during your alone time in Toronto.

5. The festivals will be more fun.

Think about the amount of festivals in Ontario every year. Let's be realistic, going to D.D or Veld will be more fun if you're single.

6. You can travel on a whim.

Leave whenever you want, wherever you want. Escape the city for a weekend getaway and let loose anywhere you go.

7. You can spend more time with your friends.

Your significant other becomes your best friend, but it's not the same friendship as it is with your bros & girls. Go out with your friends without guilt and have some fun.

8. Get a new hobby.

It's important to have hobbies when you're younger. If you're single, there's plenty of time to figure out your true self and your interests. Go for a bike ride, a run along Lakeshore or take a yoga class at one of Toronto's top yoga studios. 

9. You're free on social media.

When you're in a relationship, social media can become a huge game changer. There are certain things that are inappropriate to post and for some reason there's a need to monitor your S/O accounts at all times.

9. You'll be fit.

It's proven that most people gain weight when they're in a relationship. You put more effort into looking good when you're single because you want to impress those around you. Of course this doesn't apply to everyone but many people are on their A game when they're single.

10. You'll get more sleep.

More room in the bed for you and no more sleepless nights. It's hard to get a good sleep when your S/O snores or moves around all night long.

11. Do whatever you want.

You're free like bird! 

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