We all have that friend with such an unbearably annoying online presence that we like to complain about them to all of our other friends. Characteristically, this person posts way too much and way too often and seems to have a little something to say about everything. But when you're lost in the midst of a super cool Toronto moment and are faced with the choice of which site (or which sites...) to share it on, have you ever stopped to ask yourself, am that friend?

1. You post 200 second Snapchat stories of things we've all done before.

Going to Centre Island! Ferry ride! Look at the skyline! 6ix! We know - we've been there too. And it's not that exhilarating.

2. You post photos pre-drinking at your friend-of-a-friend's King West condo like it's yours.

You barely got invited to this party. Why are you obnoxiously posing on the balcony like that?

3. You're Jays bandwagoning so hard right now.

Your friends swear you didn't give a sh*t about sports until, like, yesterday, but now you're cheering on Josh Donaldson as if you know him personally.

4. You rant about municipal politics on your Facebook status. Daily.

We're pretty sure John Tory wasn't reading your lengthly posts about Toronto's Olympic bid. They actually just really bothered us.

5. You tag your location in all of your photos.

It's pretty clear that you're at Ripley's Aquarium as you are standing in front of the Ripley's Aquarium sign, but thanks for making it extra clear.

6. You jump to support any cause online, but would never actually do anything about it.

Hooray for slacktivism! While you're laying on your couch harassing your friends to sign your petition for free TTC for students, you could be out actually doing something.

Photo cred - Giphy

7. You retweet CP24.

You retweet headlines because they happen near your neighbourhood. You sure saved us from watching the news tonight!

8. You caption everything with Drake lyrics.

Your running through the 6 is getting a little redundant. 

9. You send numerous drunk Snapchats from Lost and Found every weekend.

Be it a selfie video of you dancing to Beyonce or a slow pan of all your friends sharing a bottle, we don't need to be reminded that you're "out here" (on your phone at a club) every Thursday night.

Photo cred - Giphy

10. You only post pictures of food.

We might actually just be jealous of you though. You were just eating brunch at Starving Artist this morning, and now you're taking selfies with donuts at The Rolling Pin? Can we have your life? Or your metabolism?

11. You've set up a GoFundMe for your friends to help you pay for your tuition/trip to Europe/new equipment.

You realize the majority of your Facebook friends are just as broke as you, right? If we could, we'd fund ourselves, actually.

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