Girls, can we ever catch a break?

You finally think the person you’re talking to could be your next potential lover. Everything seems like it’s falling into place and you’re even thinking “Hey, I could actually be in a relationship with this person!” Whether you’re texting them all the time or meeting up in person, things seem to be going well between you and them. Until…they drop a bomb on you.

Okay, not an actual bomb, but something they say really shocks you and has you looking at them twice. Now you’re giving them shifty eyes and making a mental note of what they said and any thought of having feelings for them is gone.

There are just some things you should never say to a Toronto girl.

1.“José Bautista’s bat flip in game 5 was not needed.”

Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the thousand’s of cheering Torontonians in the Roger’s Centre. Get out of here, you Rangers fan.

2.“Did you really pay that much for a scarf?”

FIRST OF ALL, this Wilfred scarf from the sacred home of Aritzia was worth every penny. It’s a blanket, shawl, and pillow all wrapped into one stylish, cozy piece of neck wear. You pointing out the cost of my accessories isn’t going to make your shivering go away.

3.“The Christmas Market is too busy to go to.”

I’m sorry, but if we’re flirting during the Christmas season and the Distillery District isn’t on the top of your holiday to-do list, you’re not on top of mine.

4.“You take so long to shop.”

Don’t rush me while I’m taking time to shop in the fabulous Eaton Centre. There’s too many places to go to spend my money on. AND I haven’t even passed Sephora yet.

5."You take forever to pick where you want to go eat."

Have you seen what Toronto has to offer? There's so much to choose from! What if I want to eat vegan and go to Fresh? Or be face-first in a burger and go to Burger Priest? You can't rush these types of heavy decisions.

6.“Why are you wearing a Blue Jays cap in the winter?”

Is there a law saying that I’m not allowed to wear my cap during off season, or in the winter for that matter? It wasn’t a beanie type of day so I decided to throw on my good ol’ Jays cap. A little snow is not going to stop me from supporting my Jays.

7.“Why do you spend so much money getting your eyebrows done?”

Eyebrows are my life. If I have to spend a chunk of time and money commuting downtown and going to Eye Love Brow & Beauty Bar to have my brows looking fierce, I will. You just don’t understand, young grasshopper.

8.“MuchMusic really crashed and burned.”

Do not mention this to me. It’s still painful for me to hear to this day. Not only was it my favourite channel but it was a really good chance for younger me to meet all my celebrity favs when they came and appeared on New Music Live. Now that’s been ripped away from me. Yeah…I’m definitely not crying right now.

9.“Yonge-Dundas Square will never compare to Times Square.”

You’re right, it won’t compare. Since, we live in Toronto and NOT New York City.

10.“David’s Tea isn’t that great.”

Excuse me? My entire tea cupboard is filled with loose leaf tea from that heavenly shop. If you’re not willing to sit on my couch and sip on some sweet Movie Night tea while watching Netflix, then we should not be together. End of story.

11.“I don’t like Drake.”

Do I even need to explain why this is a no-no? Probably not.

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