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There are so many things that make living in Toronto unique. While there are some things that happen in our city that are absolutely absurd (WTF to the people who had a threesome in a TTC streetcar), there are many things we have all experienced and know well.

The weather going from -5 to +12 in a matter of days

Snow one day, nothing the next. Every single year. Every single winter. We're all used to it, and we fucking hate it.

The ever-changing weather in general

Dear weather, make up your mind. (This photo was taken at Toronto WorldPride 2013 – heavy rain came before this. Don't be fooled.)

Passing by Lights on the street

She recently moved to B.C. with her adorable family, but Toronto is Lights' hometown, so you're likely to see them here and there in the city. Please don't freak out and pester them for autographs if you spot them.

Photo cred – Lone Primate

Merging onto the Don Valley Parkway during rush hour

Yeah, traffic sucks everywhere, but is anything as bad as merging with the 401 eastbound, 401 westbound, 404 southbound, AND the HOV lane all at once? Only Toronto drivers know the pain.

Construction all the time, EVERYWHERE


The answer is no.

Waiting forever... Patiently... In line at restaurants

Despite the abundance of amazing restaurants in Toronto, there always seems to be a damn long wait before you actually get to sit down. (I once waited an hour and a half to get into El Furniture Warehouse.) Only Torontonians can be this patient.

The Leafs not making the playoffs

We're used to it...

People trying to convert you at every corner of Yonge-Dundas Square

Please stop.

The Fire Guy performing his tricks

We've all seen his tricks already.

Photo cred – Dan Cronin

The "Believe" guy scaring passersby

You've passed this man thousands of times already, so you're not phased when he looks up at you and yells, "BELIEVE IN THE LORD!" You'll know if someone's not from here if they react.

That box being held up by sticks beside the AGO

A.k.a. OCAD University.

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