Shark week has come to an end, and it was certainly a full week of crazy shark adventures. The 2015 version of the staple franchise was packed with a lot of head scratching facts and myths that left you knowing way more about sharks than you ever thought you could handle.

From the evolution of the species to the anatomy of sharks, we are here to give you a rundown of some of the freakiest shark facts. Prepare to be schooled on the most predatory fish in the sea.

Photo Cred-  Glamorous Chic Life

1. You might be applying Shark Oil every day

Ladies, did you know that there could be some shark in your lipstick? Supposedly, many cosmetics items such as lipstick, moisturizer and eye makeup could contain shark liver oil. Rather than the stomach, the liver happens to be the largest organ in the shark's body.

Photo Cred- Oklahoma Aquarium

2. Mutant Ninja Sharks are an actual thing

Ninja sharks and alien sharks that glow in the dark, Yes folks these are real and waiting in the deep blue sea. Discovery Channel's, Ninja Sharks focused on six unique sharks that have the ability to adapt to their surroundings as a result of over a million years of evolution. Alien Sharks: Close Encounter also returned to Discovery with all the wonders about sharks that glow in the dark, the alien shark.

Photo Cred- Caitlin Gardner

3. It's a shark eat shark world

Before entering into the underworld, it becomes a battle of the sharks in the womb.  This is known as oophagy and is most commonly found amongst sand tiger sharks. These baby sharks consume their siblings before even being born. It is survival of the fittest, the ultimate hunger games of the shark world. Not to mention, larger sharks may also prey on small species of shark.

Photo Cred- Steph Wong

4. Apparently Sharks are food not friends

Sharks get eaten too. A delicacy in Chinese culture, shark fin soup is usually served during special occasions such as weddings and banquets.

Photo Cred- Steve Courchaine

5. Sharks have cleaner teeth than you

Besides being sharp and terrifying, sharks also have better dental hygiene than human beings. Sharks have a layer of fluoride coated over their teeth, making them insusceptible to cavities. Their cavity free, pearly whites could also be from constantly sinking their teeth into unsuspecting prey.

Photo Cred- Kathleen Sing

6. Sharks are the virgin Mary

Female sharks have the ability to have offspring without intercourse with a male partner. In this case, the embryo is able to develop without fertilization by sperm.  This freaky virgin birth is scientifically classified as Parthenogenesis, a form of asexual reproduction.

Photo Cred- Buzz Feed

7. They're Spineless

Have you ever wondered how sharks are able to swim so smoothly? Well, it may be because they do not have bones to slow them down. Sharks are cartilaginous which means their skeleton is made up entirely of cartilage rather than bone.

Photo Cred- AllStarFishing

8.  Sharks can dislocate their own jaws

Like snakes, sharks can dislocate their jaw to grab, hold and consume their prey. Ouch!

Photo Cred-  TheMarySue

9. Sharks can turn their stomachs inside out

Now this may be the most bizarre fact of them all. When sharks have indigestion they vomit by ejecting their stomach and pulling it back in through their mouth. Talk about projectile!

Photo Cred- Liz Grace

10. Female Sharks have thick skin

Female sharks naturally develop thick skin to protect themselves from the intimate bites of the male shark. Male sharks will often bite the female during its mating ritual.

Photo Cred- Amanda Wyatt

11. Sharks can drown

Some species of shark suffer the risk of drowning if they stop moving. Sharks are only able to breathe by pumping water into their mouth and through their gills. Therefore they must keep swimming in order to stay alive.

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