So you made the correct choice and chose Ryerson as your university. You've officially made the first step towards having a happy and successful university experience. Welcome to the ramily! We're so happy to have you.

If you want a smooth university experience at Ryerson there are a few things you should know. Bleeding blue and gold is easy once you know all the tricks of the trade. Any Ryerson student knows the city can be hard to navigate, and university is no exception. But these tips will help you feel better about starting your first year:

1. Kerr Hall looks like a maze on the outside, but tbh it's just a square. 

Which you will navigate, don't stress kid. 

2. If you want a table at the SLC, you HAVE to get there early. 

Especially during exam season.

3. Don't buy your textbooks first week.

This goes for any school, wait for discounts and ask upper years if it's worth it. 

4. Take advantage of student card discounts.

That lil piece of plastic is so clutch. And only valid for 4 years. 

5. Budget time for the line at Victoria St. Tim Hortons.

It's a long ass line. 

6. Also budget time for escalator traffic at Cineplex.

Yes it's cool we have lectures in the movie theatre, but traffic jams are real.

7. Bring something caffeinated to 8am classes at Cineplex.

Those comfy movie theatre chairs will trap you. Fight back. 

8. It is possible to get from the RCC to TRSM in 10 minutes.

Prove all the haters wrong. 

9. You can get from the RCC all the way to the SLC without going outside. 

This is VERY important during snow storms and rainy days. 

10. If you're a commuter, avoid hectic Yonge St. and use the Toronto Path. 

Because the outdoors is a dangerous place.

11. Toronto is expensive, take advantage of cheap eats in the city

Because navigating Toronto, is essentially navigating Ryerson.

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