There's something about sunshine that makes you want to explore with your partner. Being adventurous doesn't have to mean booking a trip somewhere with your significant other can be just as fun as planning a lavish vacation! Spice things up in your relationship. Instead of having a date "night" plan a "day" date. Day trips are something different and are more affordable than vacations which is another huge plus.

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So where to go first? This list will give you a few options to be bold and fun with your significant other this summer.

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1. Hike at Dundas Peak.

Enjoy some beautiful scenery with your hunnie. Get in touch with nature by exploring all the different trails at this location and enjoy the look-out point for a great IG photo-op.

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2. Rock climb at Rattlesnake Point.

Get a rush of adrenaline! This spot is one of the most popular rock-climbing sites in Ontario with over 235 different routes to explore.

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3. Participate in a wine tasting in Niagara-on-the-lake.

Day drinking is always a good idea. There are different tours to choose from in Niagara. Starting at $5 a person, you can choose different tours depending on what you're looking for. So many choices for you and your lover!

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4. Pamper yourself at the Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain.

Immerse yourself in a warm bath or book an appointment for a couples massage! Whatever form of relaxation you're into, this place is where you'll find it.

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5. Lay out in the sun at Sugar Beach.

This pretty in pink urban beach in Toronto is great for relaxation, leisure and social activities. Visit the Sugar Shack for a nice treat with your boo!

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6. Go up, up and away in a Hot Air Balloon.

Try Sundance Balloons for a date up in the air! Get a birds eye view of Southern Ontario floating over the countryside. How romantic can it get?!?!

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7. Travel back in time at Dundern Castle.

If you're a nerd, this is totally for you and your partner! Learn the history of the home of Canada's pre-confederation premier Sir Allan MacNab. It's about an hour and a half away from Toronto, but totally worth it!

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8. Refresh yourself at Spirit Tree Cidery.

Not into beer? No worries, there's always cider! At Spirit Tree Cidery enjoy a tour and watch cider press in operation as you take samples with your partner.

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9. Visit Ontario's Badlands.

This beautiful site is located just west of Highway 10 in Caledon! If you want to get in touch with nature and explore what Ontario has to offer, take your bae here.

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10. Venture to the Streetcar Museum.

Ever wanted to ride a vintage streetcar? Now is your time! Check this out because vintage is TOTALLY in.

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11. Have a play date with some animals at African Lion Safari.

This is a classic summertime day trip. Say hi to a few friends on a safari with your significant other.

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12. Cuddle @ your local Drive-In.

Although this isn't too far away from home for most, what's better than snuggling up with your partner and watching a movie outside under the stars? Nothing... so DO IT!


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