There are do's and don'ts to everything, especially when it comes to the bedroom. However, the way you express what you desire can make a huge difference to his friend down there.

Are you having issues getting a guy hard during intercourse? Perhaps you're doing something wrong. To help out all the ladies, I went out for drinks with guy friends to get answers to this question. In order to avoid these awkward soft moments, here's a list of 12 major turn offs for a guy in bed you should to avoid according to a couple of guys :

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1. Don't bring a book of rules to the bedroom.

Of course you can establish grounds and a safe word... But don't be aggressive when it comes to voicing your needs and wants. Be sexy about it ladies, as in oppose to being a bossy b*tch with an attitude.

2. Don't break the joy stick.

Be gentle and don't break the knob. There's a big difference between riding and snapping the shaft. The male genitals are very sensitive and it becomes an automatic turn off when it's being yanked. It will literally go down in 3,2,1...

3. Keep it fresh.

No one likes unpleasant odours, especially down there. Stay clean ladies, keep some wipes around and use Vagisil.

4. Toothy BJ's are not acceptable.

Don't grind your teeth on the wood. If you're not sure how to give a proper BJ, read some reviews online or ask the man exactly how he likes it. Just please, don't chew on the D.

5. Why stay clothed?

It's understandable, everyone has their own insecurities. But, it's a huge turn off if you keep the bra on... Or even worse, the socks.

6. Keep your claws to yourself.

A nice gentle scratch can feel good, but if you're digging in your nails to the point that the mans back is bleeding, that's not cool.

7. Ask for permission.

Some guys are into the finger bag, while others consider it a huge turn off and makes them feel super uncomfortable. Warn the guy before you put your finger in the wrong places.

8. Stop pinching the nipples.

Is this a joke? Licking, sucking and touching can feel somewhat pleasant but pinching nipples is not cool.

9. Don't be boring.

It's nice to experiment once in a while ladies. Trying out new things can spicen up your relationship and perhaps even strengthen it.

10. Not reciprocating.

It's a two way street when it comes to sex. If you want to get it, you have to give it.

11. Don't be a starfish.

There's no way the sex will be good if you lay there like a starfish. Move those hips girl and work your body.

12. Acting like baby.

The kiddy voice, the crying, the whining - can all be a huge turn off. What do you expect a guy to do when you start balling your eyes out during sex? That's just awkward as f*ck girls, don't do it.

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