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12 Of The Best Books To Read This Fall 2017

Just add blankets.

Everyone knows that when the temperature drops, it is officially cuddle szn. Speaking for myself, as soon as it hits 15 degrees I go on a sweater-buying-spree and plan as many fireside dates as possible. But there are definitely nights when I can't get to my designated cuddle buddy and need something else to curl up to. Mainly, 1. a fleece blanket and 2. a hot tea and 3. a good book. 

With all of the screen time our eyes get these days, a good old fashioned book can actually be just want the doctor ordered. Reading a regular book for 6 minutes a day actually alleviates a noticeable amount of stress while getting your mind ready for bed. Whatever you're into, be it thrillers, love stories or wild fantasies, we have just the read for you. 

Thrilling Reads

Romantic Reads

Fun Reads

Empowering Reads

For thrillers, click next! 

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