There's no questioning that Toronto's the place to be. There's so much to do, many things to see, and has so much to offer. Why wouldn't you want to be in one of the most happening cities?

Going to University in Toronto doesn't make being in university any less stressful, however, it can make things feel a lot better. When you're having a tough time with  an assignment, or just life in general, Toronto's always there to pick you up when you're feeling down. On the flip side, it's also there for you when you're ready to celebrate! Whether it's finishing a brutal assignment, wrapping up midterms or even finishing the school year, Toronto's here to cheer you on.

The point is, Toronto universities are the best around, and here's why you should go to one: 

1.You're in the heart of downtown Toronto

With going to a university like Ryerson, you're right in heart of the city. It's amazing if you need to do a city-based assignment or if you need to take some photos/shoot videos, since there's loads of places to go!

2. In 2015, University of Toronto was ranked in the 'Top 20 best universities in the world to go to.'

Not too shabby when you're putting it on your resume.

3. It'll help you develop your survival skills for later in life.

Have you ever rode the TTC during rush hour? Enough said.

4. Great place to help you survive a breakup.

Tons of eye candy walking through the library, hallways, and around campus!

5. Always a place to get ice cream nearby... like Sweet Jesus.

It'll help you forget about your workload woes.

6. You're always able to make new friends!

With a city so diverse, the probability of you finding your other half in the Nathan Phillips Square is very likely! High five for new friends!

7. No matter what program you're in, there's always something that'll suit your taste.

Whether your into art, sciences, maths or any other program, the city is so cultured that you'll never be bored with things to do! Ballroom Bowl anyone?

8. George Clooney and Frosh Week all in one?

While you're attending your first couple weeks of school (or at frosh) TIFF is holding their film festival where all the hottest celebrities are going to be. Beer pong and Brad Pitt, need I say more?

9. Easy to get to.

If you're friends are going to school all over the place, meeting up in Toronto at Union station is super easy!

10. Loads of places to get some work and studying done.

Head to Ryerson's Student Learning Centre! The 6th floor (known as the beach floor) has you working in a relaxed environment while sitting on a bean bag chair.

11. Help you budget your money.

We can't always splurge on Balzac's and Urban Eatery.

12. Help you get street smart as well as book smart.

Going to school in Toronto allows you to get an education on top of your education. The learning never stops in the 6ix!

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