There are many hidden gems when it comes to the food scene in Toronto. Now in this particular article, I'm not talking about underrated restaurants, I'm talking about secret items that are not revealed to the public eye on menus at places Toronto foodies are familiar with.

Are you craving something new and exciting, but the restaurant you usually go to hasn't updated their menu? Well, for your luck there is a resolution, as I have compiled a list of 12 secret menu items in Toronto restaurants you probably didn't know you could even order:

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1. Burger's Priest // multiple locations

Are you aware that Burger's Priest has a total separate "secret menu"Yup, that's right with 10 different jacked up burgers and 2 milkshakes to choose from, the items on this menu will make you drooool. For example, one of the must try items would without question be The Pope.

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2. Maker Pizza  // 59 Cameron St.

All the pizzas at this China town joint are mouth-watering in general,  however there are two very delicious items that guests are not familiar with because it's not on their menu. The Burn After Eating bubbly pizza pie that has a double hint of heat and a triple layer of cheese and secondly being The Chizzler is topped with Italian sausage, jalapeños and fior di latte.

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3. Carmen // 922 Queen St W. 

This super hip Spanish seafood resto is known for delectable paellas. However, there is this one "Secret Paella" put together by Chef Luis Valenzuela and is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. To your surprise because the ingredients are unknown, it's worth a try and I promise you (if you're a seafood lover) you will not be disappointed.

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4. Momofuku Noodle Bar // 190 University Ave

For those of you, who are not familiar with the noodle bar located on Momofuku's main floor inside the Shangri-La hotel - you are seriously missing out on life. There are loads of ramens and noodles to choose from on their menu, but one item that is super undercover is the Kimchi Stew. It's made with spicy braised kimchi, shredded pork shoulder, served with a side rice cakes or plain rice if you prefer. Oh, there's also the Chicken and Egg secret bowl that is served with smoked chicken, egg, rice and scallions.

5. Smoke's Poutinerie // multiple locations

Attention all meat lovers! I present the ultimate poutine for you, The Slaughter House. Yup, the name pretty much speaks for it all as the poutine is made with 6 different types of meat: beef, chili, steak, bacon, pulled pork and sausage.

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6. Banh Mi Boys // 392 Queen St W.

These Asian inspired, melting in the mouth sub samiches are to die for, but there's this particular one that is not revealed to the public on the menu. It's the delicious Club Bao, which is made up of pork belly and fried chicken.

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7. The Good Son // 1096 Queen St W.

The Bacon Double Cheeseburger is stacked with two 8 oz patties, melted with double house-made cheese, bacon and is topped off with Russian dressing - it is absolutely like no other burger in town.

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8. Joso's // 202 Davenport Rd

This upscale seafood eatery in mid town Toronto should without doubt be on your restaurant bucket list. The variety of items to choose from on the menu is unlimited, but the Goodfellas Pasta is the one worth drooling for. This 5 + star massive carb dish is mixed with meat, fish and of course bomb pasta - keep in mind it is top secret because barely anyone is familiar with it, even frequent customers. Oh, there's another secret behind Joso's - Drake shot his album photo's at this top notch Toronto resto.

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9. The Commodore // 1265 Queen St.W

You haven't had a real club sandwich until you've tried the Grilled Gruyere Cheese & Peameal Bacon Chicken at The Commodore. This delicious brunch goodie is served on toast, with a fried egg, fresh veggies, cheese, chicken and of course bacon, bacon, bacon.

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10. The Citizen // 522 King St W. 

Who doesn't love a nice cheesey stack of nachos? The Gorilla Nachos at The Citizen are to ache for. The delicious combination of smoked cheese sauce, bacon, braised short rib, ham, chicharron and sour cream will have you coming back for more and more.

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11. The Dirty Bird // multiple locations

The Dirty Bird is well known around the city for their chicken and waffles. However, next time you check out this hot spot you the must try their secret item not offered on the menu, that is the Dirty Bird General

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12. Bang Bang Ice Cream // 93 Ossington Ave.

To satisfy that sweet tooth, there are three well kept secrets at Bang Bang Ice Cream, the Double-Decker and the Cinnamon Bun ice cream sandwiches, as well as the Strawberry waffle cone. Treat and spoil yourself  next time you're there to these goodies. All the ingredients are local and house made on a daily basis.

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