It's no secret that Toronto is full of amazing restaurants, but it is easy to fall in a rut of rotation your five favourites.  This spring we encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new!

Listed below are 12 spots we recommend you try in 2017!  All of these spots double as amazing date ideas, great birthday venues, or wonderful places to crush your cravings.

Bon appetit Toronto!

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Oretta // 633 King St W. 

Oretta is a beautiful new Italian restaurant on King West.  This spot is as delicious as it is asthetically pleasing, which is saying a lot!

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Baro // 485 King St W.

Baro is serving up some of the best Latin-inspired cuisine in the city.  They also have a lounge upstairs where they serve up tasty cocktails, so it's the perfect spot for a delicious dinner or Friday night drinks!

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Planta // 1221 Bay St.

Planta is a spacious restaurant that is perfect for hosting a celebratory meal! Planta is all about promoting environmental sustainability, so you can have a clear conscience while dining here.

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Bar Reyna // 158 Cumberland St.

Bar Reyna is known for having one of the cutest heated patios in the city, and it's about time you check it out! They are also open for lunch which is a definite perk in our books.

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Leña // 176 Yonge St

The team at Lena strive to create mouth-watering South American cooking, with unique Spanish and Italian influences.  Which in short means that the food is delicious, and you need to try it ASAP.

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Cali Love // 367 King St W

Cali Love is the perfect place to grab a coffee and relax of refuel with a tasty poke bowl! 

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Lavelle // 627 King St W.

Lavelle is known for the sweeping views of the city offered at every window.  Be sure to plan your visit once it's warmer so that you can also take advantage of their rooftop pool.

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Light Cafe // 23 Baldwin Street

Light Cafe is where all U of T students should be hanging out in between classes. This spot has an extensive menu including amazing milkshakes and sweet treats like waffles and ice cream.

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Capocaccia Trattoria // 1366 Yonge St.

If you're craving Italian food, this is a great place to go.  Capocaccia is known for their creamy pasta and crispy pizzas.  This spot is sure to impress any Toronto foodie!

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Tabule Souk // 494 Front St E.

This is a great place to grab a drink and a few appetizers with friends.  If you're looking for a laid back and relaxing environment Tabule Souk is the place to go.  Be sure to try their mint lemon-limeade, it is seriously amazing.

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Tortería San Cosme // 181 Baldwin St.

San Cosme has brought Mexican style street food to Toronto in a very big way.  Each dish is packed with flavour, and the ingredients are always fresh.

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Hawthorne Food and Drink // 60 Richmond St E.

If you're looking to experience what Ontario cuisine is truly like, head to Hawthrone. Hawthorne prides itself on using seasonal and sustainable ingredients, which most Torontonians can definitely get behind! 

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