Let's be real, sometimes Torontonians can be huge complainers (myself included).  But a vast majority of the time we get a lot of entertainment from ripping apart our cities guilty pleasures.

Sometimes there is nothing more refreshing than having your negative feelings about something be completely validated by a fellow Torontonian, which is why we have created this list.

Are you guilty of hating any of these? 

1. The TTC

Are you at all surprised that this is at the top of the list? Bonding over how much you hate the TTC is pretty much the most basic topic of small talk in Toronto.

2. Street Meat

We all pretend like we are above it, but realistically sometimes this is the ultimate meal after a night out.

3. When we finally get snow

Starting in November we all start complaining about how cold it is and how our boots have been ruined with salt stains, but we all secretly hope for a white Christmas every year.

4. The token “Lake smell”

It’s truly a love-hate relationship with lake Ontario. I hate the smell, but I love the view.

5. The Believe Guy

As annoying as he is, he’s basically a Toronto celebrity. There is also a pretty good chance you’ve bonded with another Torontonian over the fact that he has screamed at you.

6. The Christmas Market

Some people say it's “too cheesy”, but realistically it’s Toronto’s very own winter wonderland.

7. The Gardener Express Way

Everyone hates it, yet everyone still uses it.

8. Whenever an event is held at Polson Pier.

Whenever an event is at Polson Pier most Torontonians let out a unison groan. But realistically it’s got some of the best party venues and easily one of the most beautiful views of our skyline.

9. The huge line ups for any Toronto pop-up shop location

Yes the line is 2 hrs long, but I’m not going to pass up Luke’s coffee or OVO apparel.

10. The Leafs

Yes, they are not the best team, and we all 100% realize that. But they definitely have the most dedicated fan base out there. #LEAFSNATION

11. King St. West Bars

The cover is overpriced but we just keep coming back.

12. The Housing Market

Rent in Toronto has seriously skyrocketed within the last year (almost 8%).  But we still all have a huge desire to live in the heart of the city.

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